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It's getting a little close to home

Well, our McCain / Palin yard sign was thrown into the street last night. What to make of this? Is freedom of expression now frowned upon? Yikes. The exact reason to love our great country is the right we all own to display what we choose on our front lawns. What's next? The nativity at Christmas thrown in the street? PLEASE. What disturbs me more, is that someone, at night, saw the sign, and didn't just pass it by - they actively, got out of their car, walked on my property, pulled the sign out of the grass and dirt, and took measures to make a statement. They probably ran over the sign, since the sign was battered to say the least. Wondering if I put it back? Yes, yes I did. A bully never once made me back down when I was young, and they don't scare me now. Whatever the election results, we are all still Americans, grateful for the privilege to vote and choose our leaders. My opinion may be different from yours, that's ok . We live in a country where all opinions a

What other election issue is there?

OK, I guess I should write something on the upcoming election.....For me, personally...well I do have an opinion. As I am Catholic and practicing, I must vote my conscience, which means that the most important issue that will determine my vote is which candidate values life. I know, I know, most people I hear, say that it shouldn't come down to one issue. But for me it does. Without life, the other issues simply aren't issues. If we don't have life, we don't have disabled children to help. If we don't have life, we don't have our elderly who depend on us to not pull that plug. If we don't have life, we have nothing. It can be so discouraging to hear people will vote for Obama, when the man has always supported a culture of death. I know McCain doesn't have a perfect Pro-life record, but at least he's almost there, and you never know, with God all things are possible, change can happen, though I don't believe it will for Obama. There seems to be

The Call

It was March, a chilly day. I feel the drops of freezing rain. Aimlessly I walk, begging for a sign. Filled with questions, I search my mind. Eyeing a bench, I make my way Speaking out loud, I have to say. And looking up at threatening, black clouds, Tears mixed with rain, I pray aloud. “Hear me, Lord! I’m waiting for you!” The thunder answers me, as if on cue. “I don’t think I’m ready, I can’t handle pain, Is it really worth it? Is it truly the greatest gain?” Thoughts of motherhood racking my brain, Constant doubts, fear is driving me insane. “Send me your Spirit, I’ve done my part, I gave you my eyes, my ears, and now, my heart!” On the bench, I quietly sit down. My mind isn’t whirling, I hear not a sound. I call upon His mother, “Please pray with me, That I might be blessed with the eyes to see.” Closing my eyes, I want to hear, His message for me, loud, and crystal clear. As I open my eyes, I open my whole being. And I can’t believe what my new eyes are seeing. His mes

What is Love: We Contemplate our Vocation

In family life, we have found one thing to be consistent, to be always true, that one thing that we can always rely on, always trust, and becomes the very foundation of family life. What is this basis for OUR family? It is Love. And we all know love isn’t a feeling, an emotion, an intangible, floating thing in the cosmos that you can neither see nor touch. It is real, it is visible, it is tangible. It is the very core and essence of family life, should family life succeed in our day and times. In a real physical way, becoming a parent is truly a great act of love. Husband and wife selflessly give to one another, and God thus chooses to bless their union with the gift of new life. The wife, is intimately connected to this new life in a way her spouse can only appreciate from a far. Her body is taken over, in many respects, is sacrificed to nourish this new life. Human beings are so complicated in their great design by our creator. Contemplate simply how one of your eyes work