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Singing in the Rain, Opps, Raking in the Rain

I just saw what I can only call a Patriot. We've had so many days of rain lately, it's starting to affect my state of mind. As humans, I do think, we need sunny days to keep the rainy blues at bay. Everyday, lately, I am coming up with something to do with the kids to make the day fun and enjoyable, as our time in the backyard is significantly decreased. And so today, on our way home, in the middle of a downpour, in the middle of our subdivision, I saw a drenched man with no umbrella holding a rake. I said to the kids, can you see what he is doing in the rain? Then he proceeded to go up and down the street, using his rake to unclog the leaves from the gutters. I was so impressed. Sometimes a small act of unknown charity on our part is exactly what God calls us to. He probably never thought some lady driving by would be so amazed by his simple act of kindness, but I did take that opportunity to explain to the van full of children, how beautiful even these little unseen act

Oh When The Saints.....

Go Marching In...... Well our four little saints began marching this morning, as the school celebrates All Saints Day and not Halloween. Before my very eyes, I saw my little ones transform into: St. Elizabeth of Hungary (basket of bread and all!), St. Michael the Archangel (sword, shield and wings), Our Lady of Guadalupe (with all her stars), and our 4 year old as Queen Esther. They were thrilled to say the least, smiling proudly for the camera, and I snapped a few pictures. The children loved to hear the stories about their particular saint, loved to imitate the good deeds they had done. St. Elizabeth went about the house this morning, elegantly giving bread to all the imaginary beggars of the house. St. Michael, as you can expect, went about slaying evil creatures that crawl about. Our Lady gave hugs and "love yous" to anyone she encountered. And Queen Esther, with her royal crown and sparkle dress, simply told her subjects what to do, where to go, and how to live. It w


So we aren't big on Halloween. Of course over the years my little ones have asked the all too difficult question of 'why' we don't celebrate this holiday and EVERY one else does. Usually, a simple answer does the job, however just recently my 9 year old wouldn't let my simple answer go unexplained. So as we were running errands, just me and her, she quizzed my brain on the deeper reasons of why this holiday bothers me so much. And I guess over time, I hadn't thought so deeply on the subject. Our conversation began with the topics of the things we celebrate, we have a party for, we decorate for, we bake a cake for, dress up for etc..... for someone's birth, to honor a Saint (St. Patrick's Day, St. Valentines Day)...., to be grateful for a New Year, celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, to experience life and the changing of the seasons that God gave us to enjoy and the list goes on. Now, when we come to Halloween, what are we celebrating? What are we h

Eye to Eye Communication

How many times have you been having a conversation with someone, friend, spouse or family and just in the middle of a sentence (theirs or yours) they avert their eyes to their ipod , blackberry, laptop, phone or some other electronic device? I tell you, it's the killer of a conversation. Non-verbally, the person who looks away, is telling you, this electronic device is more important than you, or what you are saying. Talk about advancement of technology invading our person to person relationships. Now, I've got a cell phone, a laptop, an ipod . We own a TV, with a remote. I use many of the advancements of technology to make life easier, more manageable, organized and efficient. However, when is the use of these tech items truly ruining the relationships that we have worked so hard for? How many times do we send an email instead of making a phone call? How often do we update our social networking page, instead of having a bbq with all our friends? How many times do we hope w

Emotions and our Feminine Genius

I recently read a great article in the National Catholic Register, and I have copied below just a snip of it. They are interviewing Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons, the director of the Institute for Martial Healing near Philadelphia. He specializes in helping married couples heal their relationships. He was been appointed as a consultant to the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy. (Click on the title below to read whole article). Growth in Self-Giving What kind of work are you doing to promote traditional marriage? We try to help couples understand that self-giving is the essence of marital love, and then we attempt to uncover their weaknesses and work to resolve them. We relate that if they want a happy marriage they need to have a healthy personality. Our approach is in the field of positive psychology, which focuses upon growth in virtues to strengthen the personality and to resolve emotional pain. Instead of just rehashing the past, we recommend the use of virtues to help people deal with t


“And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. What father among you would hand his son a snake when he asks for a fish? Or hand him a scorpion when he asks for an egg? If you then, who are wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?” This is taken from today's (yesterday's) gospel reading, and it really struck me. One can get very supernatural when thinking and praying on Gospel words, however, in my daily grind of diapers, dishes and laundry, I often contemplate how can a mother apply these teachings in the practical ways. It is easier at times to read or hear the gospel, and it all sounds so great. It all makes perfect sense, and we can even find times, when we are thinking of other people in our lives, 

Inspirationally Challenged

Is that even a word? Oh well, a good college education gone to waste, as I can't even tell anymore what might get that squiggly red line under my words in the spell check. What I am inspired by is my 7 year old son. He has some tough spelling words this week like: 'parallelogram' and 'neighborhood'. Yikes. My HH is reading George Washington with him at night, and my son has been inspired to 'never give up', even in the face of challenging spelling words. Chuck one up to Catholic Education. Even in the face of discouragement, lessons are learned, virtue is found, and success can be achieved. This morning, before school, he was going around the house, actually singing the letters for 'parallelogram'....and getting them right. I am so proud. Through his struggle with these hard words, and his wanting to quit, because in his words, "They have too many letters to remember" - He found something within him, that drive to succeed, that confidence

Innocence Lost & Our Vocation

I got into the most disturbing conversation a few days ago at a local store. I have gotten to know a few women who work there, and they love to see the children with me. I exchanged pleasantries with one of the women who work there, and suddenly she looked at my four year old, and with her eyes welling up, she said, "I miss those days, where the issues are easier to deal with." Thinking she was trying to be funny, I replied, "Well she IS only four. How tough can life be really?" Then out of nowhere, she broke down. She began to tell me the struggles she is currently facing with her 13 year old daughter. The night before, her daughter decided to confide in her, and tell her she had begun bulimic behavior, to control her weight, and that now, she was scared of the consequences. Not only that, but her daughter is slowing slipping inside herself, losing her self esteem, confidence and the ability to say no to peer pressure. And the kind of peer pressure is where this