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Sacrificial Gifts

As I sit and type this morning, and do a little mental stretching, I contemplate this Advent and season of gift giving.  What makes a gift truly sincere, truly meaningful and truly in the spirit that is Christmas?

How easy is it to pick one of hundreds, thousands of random choices our commercials show us on a daily basis.  How tempting is it to simply grab something in the check out aisle for that loved one.  What should dictate our gift giving?....What makes a good gift?

Advent - the time of waiting, contemplating is also a time to consider the gift the whole of creation received 2000 years ago.  A Savior.  God knew full well, he is sending a baby, vulnerable, delicate and His own Son, to be dependent on humans, to be at the mercy of our goodness and weakness.

What a gift.  And as much as we consider Christmas as Jesus being born - it also should bring to mind, the why He was given to us.  He is our example, right, "WWJD?"  He is our teacher, he is our brother, friend and …

Being Trusted

For years, it seems, this delicate word, this invaluable virtue has been a battle for me.  From deep in my youth, a grave injustice had been inflicted upon me and the consequences of these acts, the lingering aftershocks, come at me in waves of distrust. 

It has made trusting others so difficult through out my lifetime, even has created wedges between my beloved and me.  It has invaded every friendship, every relationship I have ever had, ever since my own rational judgement matured into understanding the gravity and seriousness of the infraction I had endured.

Trusting others has been a God-given purpose in my life, I just believe it so from the depths of my heart and prayers.  I picture Him yearning to have me overcome the sins of the past, by learning how to trust people in my life again.  Oh the trouble with people in my life being human, and not perfect!  So people will make mistakes, and I have to learn to take that risk.  Trust them anyway, until they prove me wrong, that they…

Truth is Like a Freight Train....

Have you ever been wrapped up in yourself and desperately wanted to get out of it?

Have you ever stepped outside yourself, took an objective look at the state of things, emotions, life's reality and thought, "Geez, I wish I could get out of this funk?"
Yep - I have been there.  For like a month I've been there.  Wrapped up in self.  Wondering the 'where's mine'.  Frustrated over petty persecutions, angry at emotional reactions...and feeding oneself on my own emotions.

Ugh.  It stinks to see it, and not know how to pull out of it.

And then I did something for someone else.  I put delicate care, time and energy into a selfless act for a stranger.  It did something amazing.  It showed me something so valuable....that I am so blessed, and that life is too short, too precious to waste on my own frivolous complaints.

When we do for others we are forced to step outside of ourselves, it forces us to tend to someone else, and forget the selfishness we have become…

Voting 2012

Did my civic duty.  I voted.  And instead of pushing those around me to vote as I did, I prayed.  I fixed my eyes on the tabernacle of our school chapel and entrusted the whole of the day to Him.

He has a plan and it will be laid out. 

I do my part, I vote.  And the rest is His job to sort out.  There's a liberation in knowing that no matter the outcome of this election, God will pull the best from it.  He is at work.  He is stirring the hearts of so many, as I see on the news, lines of people waiting to exercise their right as an American to cast their vote.

It's a right and a privilege to live in a country where we decide who represents us.  It should stir our heart.  It should stir our feet, on this wet and rainy day, to drive out to our polling place, and cast our opinion.  Who to lead us as a country?  Who will uphold the values and tradition that we hold so dear as the great nation we are.

My children, for the past many months have included in our daily meal prayers, &q…

To Heaven & Back

Best Random Moment of the Week:

Giving Babe a little extra cuddle time, I kissed his head, and told him, "I love you, honey."

He tells me, "I love you too, Mom."

I said, with wide open arms, "I love you this much!"

He replied, as he he hugs my neck, "Mom, I love you to Heaven and back!."

Life is good.  Life is very good.

Opening the Window

This being the month of Our Lady, our school organized a kind of Living Rosary, where each bead laid out on the gym floor was marked by a student.  Each decade was recited in a different language, showing the universality of the Church.  My oldest was leading the Marian songs between each decade and my son was serving the event.  All the kids wanted to look their best, to which I spent most of our precious morning minutes doing hair and straightening uniforms.  Parents were invited to attend at the bright and early hour of 8 am.

That morning was hectic.  In addition to getting my five kids ready and out the door, I had a few things to prepare as well, and it seemed we'd never get out of the garage.  As I backed out of the garage, the first time, one of the children yelled to wait, as she had forgotten homework inside.
Again, as I tried to leave, another child had forgotten her coat.  As I slammed on the breaks and quickly returned inside the house for said coat, my oldest, who was…

American Sisters

So weeks have flown for me, yes I've seen a wave of days flying past me like pieces of a calendar, bit by bit sailing over my head.  It's almost comical, if not a little sad, that so much time has past without thinking or digesting the little details, the nuances that used to bring so much joy.  Now, it's a rush to get to this, or finish that.  Now, our home, is that face paced routine that I swore time and time again, I'd never allow.

And here we are, allowing it. Determined to make a change, though a few weeks out, our lives will, I have promised us all, will get better.

One little thing had happened recently, and I realized something so near and dear, that I am forcing myself a little time to do my self-help and type it out.  Even in the busy-ness that is our lives currently, the kids are surviving....and hopefully for a few more weeks, till get our peace restored.

So my little Entertainer was invited by one of her friends to a birthday party.  Now seeing just how …

For Their Smiles

Did you see my latest article?  I've reposted for you!

I find myself embarking on a new adventure.For some reason, I see myself on new paths each and every year.It’s like God wants me to hurry up, get on board and with the agenda he planned.Each passing year, each adventure I may venture through, alone, or with my family, I do feel, I have learned something precious, supernaturally valuable to my own personal, spiritual journey.Each lesson has been marked on my soul.Each mistake, each success, every moment has been for a purpose, and unfortunately we don’t always get a glimpse of that particular purpose at the time.Hindsight helps us to see God wanted this, or that, in order to be better prepared for a future that He has planned.
I heard once, the Holy Spirit blows, this way, then sharply that way.Honestly, I admit it, lately I have mentally, emotionally and yes, even physically felt like a leaf blowing in the Autumn wind, ever bending to the Will of someone else.As …

A Boy's Rocket

It was a great way to end the Summer.  Rockets soaring, kids playing, climbing the trees, pushing the swings.  A day at the park!

Old War, New Battle

So, I know blogging has been slow.  I do recognize I say that every post.  However, I will say one thing, in my own defense, I've been more engaged and aware in my own life.  Being fully present and engaged leaves little time to stop and contemplate, reflect or put words down.  Blogging is a kind of way to stay behind the scene, to capture something later, and disengage from life for a while, tucked away in my little office, filled with IT wonders that HH has assembled for my use.
You know those people who are constantly behind a camera?  You know those individuals who feel more comfortable behind the scene, rather than be in it?  We all know people who would rather click a button to capture a moment, than be in a special moment themselves.  I admit, I teeter back and forth from the logic my brain tells me, that is to be engaged, involved and fully present, and then the one that feels the need to document every life state, every cute little quip that one of my children said or did…

Twitter Yes?

Ok, so I have officially joined the Twitter birds of our time.  Can not believe I have just joined Twitter.  Can't.  Believe.  It. 

I remember joining Facebook too, and remarking, Oh geez, what have I gotten myself into.  And now, the Sahmatwork is on Twitter.  If you too are a Twitter bird - stop by and let me know!  Do people even use this Social device? 

Any tips for it's usage?  Thanks and look out for my Tweets about your normal, average life of a Stay at Home Mom with five little chicks of her own!

Olympic Fever

Who doesn’t just love watching the Olympics.This summer, my children have finally caught the fever with me.We’ve watched the women’s sand volleyball, the men’s swimming, the rowing, the archery, the running races, the bike races, and so much more.We might have been even, dare I say, overheard by our neighbors as we cheered and clapped for our very own USA champions like Michael Phelps, and Ryan Lochte, or Misty May and Kerri Walsh and yes, having three girls, the Fab Five have been celebrated to every medal.

It’s been such a wonderful way to end the Summer, and energize us to begin yet another school year, in a few short weeks.Watching these Olympic games have spurned more conversations lately about hard work, dedication and what it must feel like to realize a dream.I love these kind of conversations, which spontaneously arise, as we fast forward through a gazillion or so commercials, (thank you DVR).It’s been such a blessing to witness my little ones faces, as they realize, that they …

Pulling the Weeds

We are gardeners. We love to see all summer long our vegetable plants grow and mature, and then produce farm fresh tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers and all the rest. We work hard in our gardens, we pull those weeds and tend to our plants diligently. With the many tomatoes we harvest, we can many a salsa jar for Christmas gifts for family and friends each year.
Now, with so much of the country seeing such a drought, our water bills have increased steadily as the rain in our very own Midwest has been so scarce. Tonight as usual, after the heat of the day had past, I did my nightly ritual, yep, in that squatting position, pulling those darn weeds and mentally figuring if I might have to water these sad looking garden plants. Tonight, I focused on the patch of my garden I dedicated to onions.
Now, let me tell you about these onions. I have sowed them twice already, as the first batch were overtaken by weeds and lack of water. Persistent as I am, I planted them again, with new fev…

Small Successes Thursday

Oh my! It's been too long since counting my little victories, and I just love seeing in practical ways, how some things got accomplished!  So here we go....

1.)  Learned valuable lesson.  Sometimes how we want to help someone isn't the way they need help. Sometimes help is dirty, sweaty, hard work. 

2.)  Made home-made raspberry jam for the very first time.  Tastes great on buttered toast!

3.)  Am keeping up the water during this drought....our garden has never been babied this much.

In Progress: 
4.) Donating big pile to Goodwill!

Have some to share?  CatholicMom is hosting, head on over!

When Does He Need Us

So yet again, I am typing that blogging is slow.  In truth, not only is blogging slow, but our lives are busy, which in turn puts writing or typing to the back burner.  I suppose I've grown accustomed to writing only when the need arises, when inspiration hits, and not when a certain number of days go by.  So, if you are a regular reader, and I'm later than usual, please know this:  I write pathetically when I am uninspired or under pressures for a deadline.  Writing for me, is a kind of self-help, a therapy to process information, to keep a sincere record of how my family touches my heart, and at times, simply to express a kind of gratitude for the life God has chosen for me.

This post, is more of a reflection, I can already see this flowing from my finger tips already....

My Knight experienced something very special for him, and while he only said, "Well, I was glad to have been paying attention," My mind, of course, as a reflective person, went soaring. 

My Knigh…

Reflection on 15 years

In a few short months, we will see a milestone for my beloved and I; Fifteen years of being husband and wife. It’s a little strange to contemplate that this many years have gone by. Alas, I look about our home, and see these five children who look a little like me and a little like him, and they are a profound proof that yes, indeed this many years have come and gone, bringing life’s true joys mingled along side the struggles.
Amidst the children being the sign of our love, there are little other nuances that I have worked to identify, as otherwise, would go unnoticed, underappreciated and overall taken for granted. I take this time in reflection, to not only pinpoint those little ways that make and sustain our marriage, but to thank God, that we recognized early on, marriage takes Work. It’s not something that comes easily nor without sincere effort. God has always put on our hearts, from the onset of our marriage, that this thing, this relationship would need constant attention, focu…