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Surpassed 50,000 Page Views!

So just a little note that say a HUGE thank you to all my readers!  This blog has just surpassed the 50,000 Page View milestone!  WOW.  I continue to be amazed that my little corner of the blogosphere can generate these kind of numbers.  Every Mom is "At Work" in whatever sense that means for you - It could mean that you are the bread winner for your family, in this case, Good for You.  Perhaps you stay at home each and every day, and Work in all those big and small ways for your family, in this case, Good for You.  Perhaps you are a mix - do you manage both?  In this case, Good for You.  Is your Work a kind of personal path to better yourself..... Well, Good for You! Moms come in so many forms, shapes and colors - and if we are doing our best, meeting the needs, comforting and loving, then we are doing our day at a time.  Please continue to read, as I will do my best and keep up typing as my sanity demands.  Thank you for your support and your feedback f

Boys Into Gentle-Men

This summer we've joined a pool at a nearby park district.  We’ve been there swimming several times now, and it never fails, some young teenaged girls as well as hum, well, more mature women will be sunning themselves in scantily clan bikinis.  This is the world we live in, and I am a firm believer in giving the tools to my children to go out into this world.  I can’t shield them forever, nor sequester them in my home all summer long.  I am not here to debate issues of modesty either.  I gently review with my own daughters the value and dignity of a one piece swim suit, but today I was reminded, how my job isn’t just working with my daughters, but also my sons. Today, as we took a break from swimming to have an ice cream treat, I happened to see my 11 year old son, (hopefully) innocently watching a few teenaged girls applying their sun screen to their arms, then their legs, stomachs and then, as you can imagine, to the cleavage left out in the open by their ‘barely there’ swim

Medical Frenemies

Medical technology is awesome.   Truly, I believe it.   How doctors can pin point what ails us with specific medical instruments have always baffled me.   Even how the most basic thermometer works, tends to make me awe and wonder.   This little thing can help me to starve the fever or feed the cold?   Love it. Well, I used to. I had a surreal experience as of late.   Working to determine the cause of a few symptoms I was having…ie daily exhaustion among others, my doctor had ordered blood tests and a thyroid ultrasound.    Now, having five kids, I have had many an ultrasound.   And each time I visited radiology to have this test to see my unborn child, to hear and see a heartbeat, to see a tiny glimpse of their profile, wonder and awe always filled me.   I was amazed at not only God’s creation, and my cooperation with it, but the wonder at advances in medical technology, where I could see my unborn baby in the womb, see them suck their thumb, swallow, and dare I say it, actual