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Pack Leaders

This past week we have added a new member to our family of seven.  And before anyone starts to think I am pregnant or just delivered Baby #6, the newest member of our clan is a Yellow Labrador puppy.  It’s our first family pet, aside from the fish or occasional snake we find.  Our family is truly coming together in new and fun ways in order to play with, clean up after, train and teach this little pup.  It’s been such a treat to watch her interact and learn new things. I admit, I was a little more than nervous bringing a dog into the family.  When I was a young girl a big black, neighborhood dog pounced on me and my bike, knocked me over and took a good hard bite.  Ever since, dogs that were any bigger than a poodle really did send me into panic mode.  Deep down I am hoping if we start with a puppy, and she and I become fast friends, I will ease out of my fear into real confidence when it comes to dogs.  In my effort to become fast friends, I have read the book, “Short Gu