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Seeking God in Everything

School is back in session and tomorrow*(This post was written on Wednesday.) starts a whole new day.   Not just a new day, a new chapter for me, your typical Stay At Home Mom.  My last child, my Babe will start Kindergarten, and all my children will leave each and every week day morning, to go off to learn and experience snippets of the world at large. They will find themselves transitioning from a world of numbers, into the world of letters, from our nation’s history to scientific methods and so much more.   Friends will influence them and they will leave their mark on others.  They will learn more and more about God, His Love and the truths of our Faith.   It’s school life, academics, spirituality, formation and friendships.  It’s all good and fine and normal.  But my Babe has always been home with me, giving me purpose, destination and fulfillment.  For thirteen years I have dedicated my life to these little people God has entrusted to me.  I did not pursue a career, I

How Do You Do It?

BE FOREWARNED..... A RANT IS COMING.... I tend to understand why people have the tendency to ask this question....  I get it.  I especially get it if the person asking it only has one or two or three kiddos.  I have a larger family.  I may have five kids to care for, yet this question, reasons I mean to explore, is really digging at my very core. "And oh my, with five, HOW DO YOU DO IT?" And it's rhetorical in nature.  They really don't WANT to know how it all gets done. I get it, fellow questioner.  I get it.  You probably don't feel right complaining about this or that, diaper changes, laundry, school supplies, school uniforms, meals, cleaning and so much more.... to ME. Oh my, I must have it so much worse. Really has our quality of ranting between Moms come down to this?  Let's compare who has it worse?  Who has it better or easier?  Interesting.  Is that the level of complaining we've succumbed to? I have done this job for almost 13 years.