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Quarantine 2020

I've deliberately avoided posting during this COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine time period. It isn't that there aren't plenty of reflective moments in our days. There are.  No doubt, each day is filled with a variety of moments that cause me to pause and take those mental snapshots of our day.  I wasn't going to post about this crisis. I wanted to avoid and pretend it wasn't actually happening all around me. AND if I take the time to think about this, if I take the time to type out these letters on my screen..... Well, then it's real. These five kids of mine, age ranges from 12 to 19 are truly a gift during this time as they live day to day in their e-learning or online classes. They are free. Free from worry, stress and free from panic.  I do believe, as their parents, we set the stage for their reaction.  It forces us, as parents, to take a good, long and hard look in the mirror. What are we communicating by our own example of how to handle suffering, str
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Getting to the Truth

As time continues to move, so do chapters of our lives.   I can barely type the words, but I indeed have a college aged daughter who aspires to give to our world.   She has been inspired and strives to give hope and love to others through her chosen profession. While my pride in her is truly abundant, having achieved significant scholarship dollars, a place in the university’s honors program and a maturing nature, I find myself doubting the foundation beneath her. Have we done enough? I imagine every parent asks this question prior to sending their child off into the world, tackling all the demands and expectations while remaining true to self, her family and her God. The few weeks prior to my daughter moving out, I found myself having disagreement after disagreement with my eldest. In my mind’s eye, I kept convincing myself, I am ready for her to go, I am ready, she is ready…all will be well.   In reality, and quite honestly, it was my beloved who brought the truth to light.

Seeing God in Everything: Repost from 2013

Repost: from 2013: Sometimes re-reading things puts a new perspective on current events.... School is back in session and tomorrow*(This post was written on Wednesday.) starts a whole new day.   Not just a new day, a new chapter for me, your typical Stay At Home Mom.  My last child, my Babe will start Kindergarten, and all my children will leave each and every week day morning, to go off to learn and experience snippets of the world at large. They will find themselves transitioning from a world of numbers, into the world of letters, from our nation’s history to scientific methods and so much more.   Friends will influence them and they will leave their mark on others.  They will learn more and more about God, His Love and the truths of our Faith.   It’s school life, academics, spirituality, formation and friendships.  It’s all good and fine and normal.  But my Babe has always been home with me, giving me purpose, destination and fulfillment.  For thirteen

A New Day

4 years.... last post was over 4 years ago....  and while my readership has diminished, this creative outlet has found new wings.  Do I really have to explain what has transpired in the last 4 years? Can it be enough that the intimate moments of family life just be treasured in the heart of this mother.  How many priceless moments that made me pause and reflect.... innumerable...truly.  But being in the moment versus capturing the moment is two different things. Alas, my nature is to reflect and type out some inner workings of my heart allowing a peak into these past several years... I'd like to say that I have been in the moment.... to be honest, I haven't really been nor capturing the moment. The last four years have been a blur of never ending commitments and responsibilities that consumed me. In down moments, I tended to fall asleep, or crash rather, in order to start all over the very next day... a barrage of how I have spread myself too thin, lost all patience, and

Working for the Church

So, I started working part time in order to offset the financial pressures that we feel from time to time.  (I suppose even my blog title is all wrong now...) Anyhoo, it's an interesting dynamic working for the Church.  I can't tell you how interwoven Faith is into normal life events.  I know, it's a no-brainer, of course, Faith is meant to be so apart of our natural every day.  But I guess when I think of 'work', I generally didn't think it would touch my heart and the hearts of others in such profound ways. Working with a gal at the office, she explained something to me that really touched my heart.  She told me how a parent's journey often begins with a call to the Church. They need a baptism.  Then when the child is old enough, they need 1st Communion.  Then, when the child is old enough, Confirmation is requested.  Weddings are performed, Anointing of the Sick is administered and so on and so forth. People calling the Church in order to see when Confe

Going Private

So I am a few days off on my deadline.  Better late than never.  Thank you to those who sent me your email addresses.  If you would like to be added, this is the last notice, you will not be able to access this blog without sending your email address to me, so that I might invite you. Thank you, ~Sahmatwork

Going Private

Hello blog readers,... With many new developments in our family's life, I have decided to make this blog 'private'.  Therefore, any readers who would like to continue to have access to my blog will need to send me your email address so I can add you to blogger's background settings as an approved reader. So if you are still interested in reading, send your email address to: sahmatwork(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you for your support & encouragement these past seven years!  I ask that you continue to pray for me and our family in this next exciting chapter of our lives.  If you want to read about it - send me your email.  I will make this blog private in seven days:  beginning May 28, 2014. ~Sahmatwork