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Authentic Love

I recently heard an amazing homily at our parish on the Feast of the Epiphany. He preached on the gift of the Magi. His teaching has occupied my mind for several days. How can I apply this teaching in my life? He gave us a way to be like the Three Kings and give the gift of the Magi...namely give Love. He said, the gift of the Magi is Selfless Love to the point of Personal Sacrifice. How beautiful. Is it really love if we give of ourselves, but it doesn't hurt? Giving of ourselves is great, generous, noble, kind, considerate etc, but when does giving of ourselves turn into Love? When does that generosity turn into True Charity? Our Pastor explained, that selflessness should hurt, and it should hurt us personally, closely and deeply. That is Love. That is Charity. What mother can't relate to this truth. Most of our daily jobs hurt in some way or another, physically, mentally or emotionally. The difficulty lies in how do I respond to the daily grind, with all the hurts, with se

Back again, the Holidays

Well, I took a break, the holidays require loads of time and putting something thoughtful down was impossible. But this year's holidays did bring about a new topic for consideration..... During this season we were complimented on our family: the children's behavior in church, their finishing their meal, etc. After most compliments, we heard a similar statement, "I don't know how you do it, five kids and all, I could never do it." While that statement sounds like a compliment, and something to encourage me as the Sentinel, it only saddened me. Our goal of being out in the world is not to frustrate other people that they could never do it, but just the opposite. Indeed, our goal is that others would believe that if WE could, they can. So a statement like that, I could never do it, handle it, deal with it, etc only a way to insult themselves, and sadden me. Anyone can do it. Anyone who sacrifices can do it. Anyone who works for it, can do it. Anyone who l