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Small Successes Thursday - Doctors!

Yep, time to add up those little ways that we make big difference in the lives of those we love... 1.)  Got to the eye doctor, and resolved daily migraine issue.  Been headache free for two days......Bliss.....simply bliss. 2.)  Two kids into the dentist.  Cavity free.  But need braces in near future. 3.)  Took Serious in to Doc with inflamed neck lymph node, Strep test positive, begun antibiotic treatment.  Poor girl was in some pain. In Progress 4.)  Getting some news today....Accepting God's plan in the outcome, that good will come no matter the decision.  Small Successes are now hosted over at Chocolate for Your Brain .  Stop on over and share your own!

Person vs Non-Person?

Generally speaking I don't discuss politics here.  I don't blast our President regularly here, I don't feel the need to spend hours upon hours lamenting his mistakes, his failures.  I guess, somewhere down deep, when we learned he was elected, I knew it would get bad.  I expected the worst. HH and I knew these past four years would be dark times.  Ever since the night this President took office, as a family, before each and every meal, we pray an Our Father for President Barack Obama.  In four years - with three meals a day, an Our Father at each meal, we will have collectively said four thousand, three hundred and eighty prayers for this man.  One day a few years back, I remember one of the children asking me why we pray for the President when we've never taken up this tradition in the past.  My answer then, was as it is now, "Honey, we pray God guides his decisions, and that he makes good ones for our country." Do I feel lost that all our thousands of

New Things

There has been quite a bit of fun things happening lately, in our home, right along with the strange and confusing!  However, I do choose to believe that once things start to line up, and go well, that the devil sees this happiness and works to destroy it.  Here's a quick run down, it's been a busy time, and I do apologize that my writing has slowed....but these things are too cool!! Blog Business I hope you are enjoying the snow background disappearing and a Spring feel to my blog.  It seems the weather is cooperating with my sense of Spring.   I've made a few other changes as well, and I hope to be back soon with some more family life fun. Home Life While things are slowing in the apostolic front, our home life is just rearing up.  After years of never owning a formal dining room table or even coffee, end, or sofa tables, we have filled two pretty empty rooms of our house.  Now, yes, I see this as materially moving forward, as we have always relied on the generosity

Small Offerings

This Lent, may God rejoice in our meager offerings of sacrifice and self-denial.

Finally We See Green

Blooming Spring

daffodil with photoshop magic

Hearts that Open Because of Love

Recently I found myself in yet another discussion on the topic of number of children and "Oh, my, how do you do it?" I admit, I didn't have a good answer at the moment.  I think I was more distracted by the shock on this fellow Mom's face, that I could only say, "One day at a time, I guess." And that is true.  Sometimes it is a "one day at a time" kind of thing, meaning small steps, small accomplishments and victory dances over being able to take a nice, long, hot shower.  I will say these days seem less intense then they once were.  With the kids becoming more independent the pressure is less on me, and more on the availability that I choose to give. I sat and reflected on some of our earlier years, when so much seemed foreign to me, when changing another dirty diaper seemed to take so much out of me.  I had so much less free, me time and at first this total surrender to my babies was difficult.  It was tough to give and give, and rarely fin

Small Successes Friday

Ok, friends, time to count up our little victories, as even the smallest ways we conquered the day will add up to one BIG WIN. 1.)  Cleaned out office.  Big Time.  Finally ok with leaving the office door open. 2.)  Made time to get to know a few ladies over a breakfast and a lunch - picked up new tips, and laughed a lot.  Should do more often. 3.)  Taxes done.  Return received.  Some debt relief, that's huge! In Progress: 4.)  Working in more prayer this Lent.

Celebrating Life and Death

Yesterday we celebrated our little Babe's 4th birthday, and as he blew out the candles and ate his cake happily, I couldn't help but to think how four years have flown by in a breeze.  I still remember showing family members in the hospital his little feet and toes, to quiet 'ahhhhs' and 'ohhhhs', and how I held him for hours on end,  giving others a chance to hold him, only when my arms ached from cradling him.  And now, he's a big boy.  He is his own person, own sense of humor, his own preferences, and vocabulary to express himself.  It's a wonder that four years have indeed past so quickly, and quietly. It was a day full of celebrating life, this boy's life, and entrance into our family.  It was rejoicing in this gift of personality and talents that God had given him, and to us, through him.  It was a joyous day, with the other children, too, giving Babe gifts they had made or loved themselves and were ready to pass on.  Birthdays are meant to