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Tornadoes and Peace

With the rash of tornadoes happening recently, our hearts and prayers go out to the many who not only lost their homes, but their lives.  We have always kept our children from watching the nightly news, as so many 'news worthy' stories, I fear, would give too many nightmares to my little ones.  At times, even for myself, watching the news can keep me up at night, frantically imagining what I'd do as a mother if I found myself in one of the many news stories I've seen over the years. And I get it.  News agencies have a way to keep us coming back for more.  Stay tuned for the latest on this court case, or weather pattern or developments in a particular story.  We can't miss it!  It's how they generate their revenue, that we keep coming back, to watch the many commercials interspersed with 'real' news.  I get it.  I don't like it.  After watching news show after news show, I find myself joining in the panic that surrounds their voices, their story tell

The Climb

Over the weekend, I found myself with my birthday gift, my new camera, and was delighted to capture a few rare moments.   While seemingly ordinary, it all brought to mind such depth of thought for me. I had heard the news of the predicted rapture / end of the world, and while I am probably not up on my end of the world scenarios, I do know, that it will be tough to predict exactly the day, should it happen to be in my lifetime.  No one knows.  That's probably the only thing we can be sure of.  Needless to say, we weren't worried.  We spent our weekend simply enjoying each other as a family, enjoying the weather,  planting our garden, painting the last coat downstairs.  At one moment during the weekend, I walked through the backyard to the laughs of my crew, and looked up at the sky.  (The weatherman had predicted storms in our area, which failed to show themselves).  There was a serenity, a peace that can only be described as actually having gratitude for THIS day.  It was

Best Random Moment of the Week

This morning at breakfast: Thinker:  Mom, are you going to exercise this morning? Me:  No, I think I will mow the lawn instead, for Dad. Entertainer, lifts her head from her cereal bowl, and exclaims:  GIRLS can mow?! Laughing Mom:  Sure. It'll just take me a little longer than Dad. Entertainer:  Wow, I didn't know you could even do it. Did I just make the cool list because I can cut grass?  If only it was always this easy.

Loving Service Unites

Usually, when things get super busy for us, I am all business.  And we've been super busy. guessed it, there's been little fun.  In the middle of our ordinary schedules, work and school, we've added a few projects along the way, that recently have required more hours than there actually is in a day.  We've bought our garden supplies, plants and seeds, but they are still sitting on my deck.  We've made great strides in the basement remodel, yet can't seem to finish the painting job.  (It doesn't help the color you see above really didn't work down there, and we are currently starting over with a lighter shade).  End of the year school functions have increased, planning for next year, and all the last minute things are getting coordinated.  Those school committees that I'm on are moving forward with the usual demands. Oh, there is probably more on my 'to do' list, however, I refuse to look at it.  It's calling me, and I a

A Mother's Presence

It is mornings such as these that I soak up, living and breathing the small treasures of being an At Home Mom.  As Babe and I casually stroll across the yard, watching birds fly, smelling a new flower, or crowning Our Lady, this month of May......I can almost touch how important it is, that I'm here. Not all days are sunshine and dandelions, but today, it was.  And that one nearly perfect morning outside, arranging Mary's flowers, teaching Babe the sign of the cross, or how to pray for Mom, or how to blow into the wind the expired yellow's a gift.  Today, I have my gift.  He needs me.  He needs his mother.  He needs to see my smiling face when he kisses her cheek.  He needs to see my approval, my love, my joy.  He sits by me.  He shows me his trinkets.  We examine the earth together.  He can't quite do it himself.  His cheeks puff out, he blows with all his might.  I hear, "Momma, help."  I am there.  I get to be there.  I come to his sid

Judas and Hope

I do apologize in the delay in posting.  I've got a few ready in my 'drafts', but I've got to scan in a few pictures for them, and right now, I'm in the process of making room for my scanner.  Ugh....I'm a pack rat.  But two days now, and I can see desk.  I CAN SEE DESK!  Almost time to designate a permanent home for the scanner. Pic credit: Judas and Hope No, I don't necessarily want to discuss the latest Lady Gaga tune, however, it does provide a jumping off point for this next formative lesson I had with my Thinker, just a few days ago. The video for this song is interesting.  As a Catholic, and I believe she was raised Catholic as well, it was interesting to see her artistic flavor in this video.  It seems to be a visual representation of the battle between hope and despair.  While some may not even consider watching it, (I had my reservations as well), I did end up seeing it, and the instinct is to quickly dismiss it as a Madonna-

Mother's Day and 300 Posts

How perfect is it that this post, this Mother's Day post is a milestone post.  It's my 300th Post....exactly.  Perhaps that's not a big deal in the blogging world.  I really don't know.  But I tell you it's a big marker for me.  I'm a busy woman.  I've got enough on my plate any day of the week, that taking time to jot a few thoughts down, or inspiring moments, can be difficult.  But then I look at my children.  I look at each of their sweet faces, and know that one day, they'll read these posts.  I know years from now, one of my kids will learn some truth of their youth, some truth of their faith, some reason of why we did what we did, and I'll know taking the time to jot a few things down was worth it. I've heard and read so many critiques of blogging, norms or proper etiquette, dos and don'ts, and have come to a conclusion on the whole thing.  In the end, I never post something that I wouldn't want one of my children to read one da

Every Minute of It - Spring Break Part III

On our way home from our waterpark adventure we stopped off to see my 89 year old Grandmother.  She is the last grandparent I have left, and I hadn't seen her in over three years.  She hadn't even seen my youngest child, Babe, and this trip was the perfect opportunity to spend some time with her. Time has passed for her too, I could see, and with her eyesight failing, her hearing weakening and her walking more and more unstable, I couldn't help to feel, This could be the last time I see this dear woman.  Years have worn on her, and 89 years can't come without some wear and tear.  She made such a sweet lunch for my family of seven, including snacks and desert, and while I wished we could have taken her out for lunch somewhere, she insisted that we stay and enjoy each other in her home.  Washing her dishes after lunch, while she visited with the children, I made every effort to do a throughough cleaning job of her stove top, counters and sink, however quick and unnoti

Spring Fun - Photo Style

Cut Origami Flowers for Egg Decorating   Sugar Cookie Frosting  Easter Cookies Finished  Knight's Requested Castle Cake - 9 years old Easter Bunny's Gift for Knight:  Venus Flytraps My Two Youngest Girls  Entertainer's Dollys Put to Bed  Tulips Bloom