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Lego Bonding

Gotta love Legos.  Serious and Knight have really taken to them in a big way, and the once 'frienemies' have bonded over this common love.  They truly are so different as their two personalities clash often....however, the passion they have over building something new and different...well, it's remarkable.  They sit and build, they actually help each other solve a building problem, they laugh together, they are really enjoying each other's company....... All this after years and years of those two not getting along....of never wanting to play with each other.....of bickering, teasing and losing tempers....... And now, we find them perfectly suited to enjoy the same love...the Love of Legos. Whoever created this long time favorite pasttime for children, I am sure, had no idea, that it could be the one thing that could bond these two diverse children.  But it has.  And I'm thankful for that inventor!  Serious made her creation into a flower garden with a 'se

Basement Keeps Chugging Along

After multiple questions about when the basement playroom would be complete.....we put up a list.  It's a great visual for the children to get a gauge on how much has been done, and how much has yet to be completed.  The impatient questions have ceased.....we once again find peace.  Sometimes peace can be as easy as printing out a simple list. Insulation.  It's one more step in the process.  Need I say more?

Awakening Modesty

Oh, this is painful.  Utterly painful.  Having shopped at our nearby stores for a new swim suit, but with no luck, I have spent most of my morning in this pursuit of a new swim suit.  Could this possibly be more painful?  I am a mother, and to find something that would be appropriate for my children to see me in...well, that's the challenge.  Having taught them modesty, to cover all the appropriate parts, as to remain dignified, how can I show up in something less than what I expect THEM to wear?  Modesty has a price tag, I have found.  I've been everywhere, with little luck.  It seems modesty means investing in that choice, as any suits that might work, came with a hefty price tag.  Interestingly enough, less modest suits, were cheaper. I have learned this lesson before....I am not sure why it surprises me now.  When shopping for my three girls, the more modest option is ALWAYS more expensive.  Why is that?  You'd think it would be the opposite.  It's almost lik

Small Successes - Friday

So I'm may be late this week, but still, it's important to see all the little ways that Mom makes a difference, and they all add up - one at a time - for one big triumph! Head over to Faith and Family to participate. 1.)  Went for girls night out - Dinner, desert and a movie.  It's like a shot in the arm to finish out the week with a tad more energy! 2.)  Worked diligently with my Knight, so many tests this week, but he's smooth sailing with a little extra effort on both our parts. 3.)  Taught Thinker a valuable lesson on not allowing her emotions to dictate her ability to focus.  It's about self-control.  (And I fear we will revisit this lesson as she enters the next few years of young-lady-hood.) In Progress: 4.)  I ache for cookies.  Working to find just the right recipe to fill my kitchen with a sweet aroma.

Gift Giving

I admit it, I'm not always the best at showing gratitude.  I never know what is the proper way to say 'thank you' for a specific kindness.   But I try.  I make small adjustments, send a note, make a desert, a meal or simply smile, nod and say my 'thanks'.  When I was little, our family had a strict rule in regards to gift giving.  No matter the gift, no matter if you already have it, or if you don't like it, you smile, you say 'thank you' and you take the time to appreciate the person who gave that gift.  That person thought of you.  Went to a store for you.  Picked something out.  Paid for it, with their own hard earned cash for you.  Perhaps they actually hand-crafted it, spending their time and talent on you.  They wrapped it.  Perhaps tied a bow on it, and then presented it to you....all the while, hoping that they captured something that might delight you.  The thought always counts more doesn't it? That's what I was always taught.  Be

The Giving Tree

When I was little, I remember this book, "The Giving Tree", and I remember I didn't like it.  I really didn't.  It didn't seem fair.  It wasn't right that the tree had given everything, while the boy took everything without giving very much. I remember as a child, feeling sad for the tree.  I looked at that book, as one might look at a Shakespearean tragedy....without any eagerness to read it again. Over the weekend, I caught a moment between Entertainer and Serious.  Serious was reading "The Giving Tree" to Entertainer, and every now and again, I'd look up from my own book, and watch the interactions between these two. As the tree began to give her apples and branches to the boy, I noticed Entertainer's face shift from a smile to a confused look, to then a frown.  Entertainer even asked Serious, "Why would the tree give it away?" Serious said, "Because she loved the boy." Serious continued to read.  The tree gave

Small Successes - Happy St. Patricks!

We, Moms, know that each small success brings us one step closer to one big triumph.  So we keep moving to succeed one baby step at a time.  Thanks to Faith and Family Live , who hosts this each week on Thursdays! Here's mine for this week: 1.)  Cleaned Master Bedroom.  This is huge.  It can become a dumping ground.  I took a Saturday morning, and Got.  It.  Done.   What a great change for our room. 2.)  After long winter, took kids outside for a little taste of Spring.  Finding bugs and digging in the dirt never looked so fun! 3.)  Taking more time to read bedtime stories to Entertainer and Serious.  I love to see their faces light up when I take on a character's voice.  In Progress: 4.)  Going to buy Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes.  Happy St. Patricks!

Best Line of the Week

An All School Mass was scheduled this week, and my Entertainer was thrilled to be asked to bring up the gifts.  She counted down the days.... "Mom, four days until I bring up the gifts!" "Yes, honey, it's exciting isn't it?" The next day: "Mom, three days until I bring up gifts for Jesus!" "Yes, good girl, you'll do great." The day after that: "Mom, two days until I bring my gifts for Jesus!" "Yes honey, I am excited too." This month of March is always difficult as it's re-enrollment time at school, and we contemplate the price-tag associated with this kind of education. Unfortunately, this All School Mass was cancelled, however, her excitement to bring her gifts to Jesus was, well, an enlightened moment for me. You can't put a price tag on that kind of excitement from a six year old little girl, who at this school, will have the foundation layed, to be excited about giving gifts for and

Catholic Media Day

It's today!  Go here:  and help to promote all Catholic Media and also a chance for an IPad2.... ....and here's my favorites: National Catholic Register Faith and Family Live United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Catholic Moms The Ironic Catholic Blog SFO Mom Blog Chocolate for Your Brain Blog There are probably more that I enjoy, but my brain is mush right now.  Enjoy the news of NCR, the community of F&F Live, the Daily Readings from the USCCB, the columns of Catholic Moms (yes me too!), the humor of the Ironic Catholic, the practicality of the SFO Mom and lastly, who can resist a little Chocolate for the Sherri writes on the adventures of a large family with such wit! Your turn!  List you favorite Catholic Media, include links....and don't forget the S.tay A.t H.ome at Work in your list of favs! God Bless and Rock On Catholic Media!

Basement Remodel & Lent

Electricity!  Outlets  I can't tell you in words how exciting it is to see this basement remodel take shape.  It's a step by step process, to be sure, yet, in the waiting, there builds a great anticipation.  It's like waiting for Christmas or Easter when I was a kid. Oh, wait, we are waiting for Easter!  How we can see Lent in our everyday lives!   Lighting  The sounds from the basement as HH and his friend set up our electricity had me thinking how much fine-tuning this project requires.  And I don't mean the actual sawing of wood or pipe or cutting wires or hammering nails and screwing screws.  I mean, there have been so many lessons along the way with this project.  HH has sacrificed his time with the family to work down there, and it has been difficult.  The time it takes to complete a project of this magnitude is painful.  It takes time to complete the work, as well as time to build the funds to pay for it.  How many times, I commented that I woul

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Nihon - Thank You Japan

First, I apologize.  It's almost been a week since my last post, and life certainly has a way to take me over.  Arigato Gozaimasu - Thank You We have many commitments, many places where we have promised our time and energy, and when sickness sets in for me or anyone in our home, life pretty much stops....for little while anyway. Thankfully, the illnesses are down to minor colds, and as of yesterday, I am off the meds to treat a sinus infection.  But that's not all.  It's re-enrollment time at school, and every March we face the same uncertain future in debate...Can we swing yet another year's worth of financial commitment to our Catholic school, for four children. It's a stressful time, it's uncertain, and I have to say, that security is something I thrive on.  Any insecurity, and I tell you, life just isn't right.  With the children unaware of our finessing the budget, we work to keep that calm and peace that assures the children all will be well. 

Lent is Coming......Ready?

I've heard some friends lately, actually eager to start the Lenten season.  Perhaps they have noticed themselves slipping on a few personal commitments, and Lent, would be the perfect time to get back on the horse.  I've heard many talks on Lent and my favorite has to do with the purpose of a sacrifice during Lent.  Whether we 'give up' something or 'do something extra' has bigger meaning than just "This is what we do, as Catholics".  Never really letting it sink in while I was growing up, I was determined to have some kind of explanation for my kids as to why they must sacrifice something small....for these forty days. This bigger meaning, which comes from our personal sacrifice....from all I've gathered over the years, is meant to bring us closer to God, closer to God's will in our lives.  At the same time, breaking a few unnecessary attachments helps us to focus on that bigger meaning. Years back, I struggled with a Pepsi addiction.  R

Kleenix Worthy Video "What Are Words"

Yes, he WAS from American Idol, but was cut at the time to select the final 24.  Great song.  "What are Words - Chris Medina"

Very Small Successes - Above Water.....Barely

Time to count up those little victories.  Yes, it's a small pat on the back.  One baby step at a time, we're getting it done. 1.)  Cleaned and dusted our indoor wooden doors.  After six years, yes, it was time. 2.)  Recognized own limitations during illness & asked friend to make Babe's 3rd Birthday cake.  Best.  Decision.  Yet. 3.)  Finally made a visit to the doctor.  Two weeks is too long to be down and out.  On meds, and hope to be well for fancy weekend out with my Love. Still In Progress: 4.)  Still looking for new backpacks.  Ugh, kids know their mother is still MIA.  Have some to share?  Go Here!