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Ice Cubes

How fitting that our Midwest has just undergone the Arctic Blast of the decade and this post is all about ice cubes.  Ok, well for anyone who reads regularly, we all know my style - it's never THAT simple.

We recently entertained friends of ours, that my husband has maintained relationship with since grade school, that's right:  2nd grade they met, and 30 years later, we got together to celebrate not only Christmas, not only the New Year, but our growing families and the miracle that is this relationship surviving three decades.

Comparing grey hair, family size, turbulent teens, births, deaths and their own reckless past was so great for us all.  There were also contrasts as well, we should expect, different people, different strokes. Respecting their families rules as well as ours, differences emerged, and I caught a few strange looks and glances from the mother counterpart in my kitchen.

I couldn't quite put my finger on the exact reasons for her disturbance, her shocke…