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Peaceful Silence

Wow - how time flies.  September 27th was my last post.  I have been enjoying a kind of interior silence which allows 'keeping all these things in my heart.' So, what has prompted this post now, so close to Christmas, in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is this joyous season?  I have received a few responses from you, my readers, via email and posts, (and in person for those who know me!) wondering if I will ever return to this little corner I have often called my sanity. Well, the answer required a bit of reflection, (of course!) as this whole blog is a series of self reflections.  For so long, taking time to reflect on the daily occurrences or formative lessons for our family was always viewed by me as not only a sanity saver, but a real joy.  I absolutely regard myself as a person who appreciates the written word - where I can describe something, an event, a feeling by simply typing, and have that experience again and again, even when my memory fails me. I had