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American Sisters

So weeks have flown for me, yes I've seen a wave of days flying past me like pieces of a calendar, bit by bit sailing over my head.  It's almost comical, if not a little sad, that so much time has past without thinking or digesting the little details, the nuances that used to bring so much joy.  Now, it's a rush to get to this, or finish that.  Now, our home, is that face paced routine that I swore time and time again, I'd never allow.

And here we are, allowing it. Determined to make a change, though a few weeks out, our lives will, I have promised us all, will get better.

One little thing had happened recently, and I realized something so near and dear, that I am forcing myself a little time to do my self-help and type it out.  Even in the busy-ness that is our lives currently, the kids are surviving....and hopefully for a few more weeks, till get our peace restored.

So my little Entertainer was invited by one of her friends to a birthday party.  Now seeing just how …

For Their Smiles

Did you see my latest article?  I've reposted for you!

I find myself embarking on a new adventure.For some reason, I see myself on new paths each and every year.It’s like God wants me to hurry up, get on board and with the agenda he planned.Each passing year, each adventure I may venture through, alone, or with my family, I do feel, I have learned something precious, supernaturally valuable to my own personal, spiritual journey.Each lesson has been marked on my soul.Each mistake, each success, every moment has been for a purpose, and unfortunately we don’t always get a glimpse of that particular purpose at the time.Hindsight helps us to see God wanted this, or that, in order to be better prepared for a future that He has planned.
I heard once, the Holy Spirit blows, this way, then sharply that way.Honestly, I admit it, lately I have mentally, emotionally and yes, even physically felt like a leaf blowing in the Autumn wind, ever bending to the Will of someone else.As …