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A Momma and Her Chicks - A Photo Post

Couldn't resist our latest adventure as the summer begins....a Momma and Her Chicks....

Freedom Isn't Free

See this one on here!   This being Memorial Day weekend, we take time in reflection of the many men and women who have served our country.   We remember their service, and we remember those who gave it all, their very lives for the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. As parents, we do think it’s important to teach our children about this important holiday.  Sometimes, my kids can get overwhelmed by the world’s injustice, and these exact holidays, like Memorial Day, highlight the many heroes of our country…those willing to serve The United States and yes, even die for their country.  There are people in the world who sacrifice for a greater good.  There are men and women who believe in something greater than themselves, and are willing to put it all on the line to live that noble belief to its fullest. In our kind of culture, in our kind of secular society, these men and women looked beyond self-serving interests, and shrugged off the culture of our instant grat

Blog Business, My Little Corner

So, life is still busy.  Kids are finishing up their school year, and with our home life, gardening, volunteer jobs and side jobs, life seems to never settle down.  I meant to type up some meaningful blog post about this or that.  And then I looked over some blog stats...and it's kind of for your curiosity only: I began this blog in September of 2008, with sporadic posts, and not a real focus of intention.  Creeping up on four years of creative writing in this therapeutic outlet, has left me with a sense of gratitude.  How many times have I almost been at the brink of crazy, when this writing and typing has saved the day. So for those of you who are curious here's some stats on this blog and some of it's reach over these few years.... Interestingly enough, this below blog post, has gotten the most hits, dating back to February of's a good reminder of being present, being spontaneous and remembering not to take life so seriously:  Little

"I Just Don't Know!" - A Mother's Day Gift

You will be seeing this one on .... Our little eight year old, my daughter, nicknamed, ‘Serious’ received her very first Holy Eucharist a week ago.   It was thrilling to once again help my child prepare for this day.   It was amazing to witness her first Reconciliation.   It was a joy to see her pick out her dress, her veil, her crown.   It was especially moving to have long discussions about God, the meaning of this day, about how she would indeed be taking a significant step in her spiritual journey. I must say, I’ve done this twice before, as Serious is my third child, so this training and motivation duplicates, in a way.   I am always checking if the readiness is there, have they been prepared enough, do they understand the magnitude of this day.   As the Mom, I stress, of course, I stress.   I knew she would be beautiful, I knew the party had been planned, I knew the food was ordered and the cake was ready.   I knew the outside ‘stuff’ was set….but did I do a

Small Successes Friday Opps Saturday

Oh no, two days late with this one.  You'd think I was busy or something.  Well, even late, it's time to add up small victories...they add up to one big win! 1.)  Planted flowers.  Felt good to get my dirt under my nails.  Strange but true. 2.)  Went to frustrating meeting.  The success?  I allowed a nice, cold beer to melt away said frustration. 3.)  Gave Mom talk.  The victory wasn't the talk itself, just the courage to get up and say anything encouraging was success enough for me! In Progress: 4.)  Date Night tonight!