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A Boy's Rocket

It was a great way to end the Summer.  Rockets soaring, kids playing, climbing the trees, pushing the swings.  A day at the park!            

Old War, New Battle

So, I know blogging has been slow.  I do recognize I say that every post.  However, I will say one thing, in my own defense, I've been more engaged and aware in my own life.  Being fully present and engaged leaves little time to stop and contemplate, reflect or put words down.  Blogging is a kind of way to stay behind the scene, to capture something later, and disengage from life for a while, tucked away in my little office, filled with IT wonders that HH has assembled for my use. You know those people who are constantly behind a camera?  You know those individuals who feel more comfortable behind the scene, rather than be in it?  We all know people who would rather click a button to capture a moment, than be in a special moment themselves.  I admit, I teeter back and forth from the logic my brain tells me, that is to be engaged, involved and fully present, and then the one that feels the need to document every life state, every cute little quip that one of my children said or did

Twitter Yes?

Ok, so I have officially joined the Twitter birds of our time.  Can not believe I have just joined Twitter.  Can't.  Believe.  It.  I remember joining Facebook too, and remarking, Oh geez, what have I gotten myself into .  And now, the Sahmatwork is on Twitter.  If you too are a Twitter bird - stop by and let me know!  Do people even use this Social device?  Any tips for it's usage?  Thanks and look out for my Tweets about your normal, average life of a Stay at Home Mom with five little chicks of her own!

Olympic Fever

Who doesn’t just love watching the Olympics.   This summer, my children have finally caught the fever with me.   We’ve watched the women’s sand volleyball, the men’s swimming, the rowing, the archery, the running races, the bike races, and so much more.   We might have been even, dare I say, overheard by our neighbors as we cheered and clapped for our very own USA champions like Michael Phelps, and Ryan Lochte, or Misty May and Kerri Walsh and yes, having three girls, the Fab Five have been celebrated to every medal.   It’s been such a wonderful way to end the Summer, and energize us to begin yet another school year, in a few short weeks.   Watching these Olympic games have spurned more conversations lately about hard work, dedication and what it must feel like to realize a dream.   I love these kind of conversations, which spontaneously arise, as we fast forward through a gazillion or so commercials, (thank you DVR).   It’s been such a blessing to witness my little ones faces, as