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The Nails of Lent

Click here to see this article on! The Nails of Lent Lenten sacrifices for children have been pretty varied in our home over the years. We've worked with them in order to give up candy, to do a chore every day, pray extra prayers and so forth. This year was no different, yet it brought real depth of how they are giving, and is going to make Easter that much more of a great celebration. On Fat Tuesday we took a moment at dinner. We began discussing what each child around the dinner table would sacrifice during these 40 days of Lent. My Thinker was creative in her choice; she decided to break a very difficult habit for her, 8 years in the making. She is determined to stop biting her nails. I applauded her choice as it will force her to think before acting, and conquer a frequent habit of hers.   It will build her will power and confidence in her own ability to overcome such a long standing tendency.   Easter just might bring some nail polish as a great surpr

Yes, It Will Be Me - Best Random Moment

As Babe will turn four years old in a few short weeks, I have begun to discuss school with him, to gauge his interest level.  Mom:  You know, honey, you will go to school too like the other kids do. Babe:  But I don't know where to go.  Will you show me where? Mom:  Yes, I'll show you where, and the teachers will be there to help you. Babe:  I go with the little kids, right Mom?  The little ones? Mom:  Yes, you will, but soon you will be a big kid. Babe:  And you will pick me up after school?  Just like you do the big kids? Mom:  Yes, honey. Babe:  It will be you, right, Mom, you? Mom:  Yes, It will be me.  Oh, Lord, help us to see the security we bring, as mothers.  Thank you for this privilege to be this for them.  Help me to always have this kind of gratitude when giving the gift of availability.

And The Winner Is.....

So, I meant to post this yesterday.....but we do have a winner of this recent book by Anthony DeStefano, "I Just Can't Take It Anymore!" My little Babe picked a name out of the hat, and Barb, osf is our winner!!!  Barb, please send me a note with your mailing address and I'll get this book out to you!  Please use sahmatwork (at) gmail (dot) com. Happy Saint Valentine's Day, sending out a lot of LOVE!

I Just Can't Take It Anymore! Giveaway!

Anthony DeStefano contacted me in regards to a new book of his titled, "I Just Can't Take It Anymore!  Encouragement when life gets you down" and I tell you the timing of such a book, is truly God at work.  Lets face it, we all find ourselves, at times, wondering Why me?   And if we allow ourselves so much time and effort in the self-pity, we can quickly descend toward more serious issues of depression, isolation and sadness. This little 'pick me up' book demonstrates via photos and small captions, some of our life's frustrations as well as joys in the effort to teach a little something along the way.  This book highlights the questions we often have for God in our toughest moments and thinks through the reasons of why we suffer, and how God just might have a plan for us, in these exact times.  It brings a little levity when we are consumed by the negatives.  It brings a little truth to pull us out of our self doubt or pain, and allows us to laugh, and find

Taking My Own Advice

How many times have I given advice to one of my children, specifically my daughters with the prayer and hope that I, too can take this bit of wisdom home to the depths of my own heart and live it to show an example first. Alas, it's harder than it seems.  We have wisdom, yes, we know what we should do, and the why we should do it.  However, in weak moments, something takes us over, and we throw the logic and the good advice delivered on a daily basis out the window, and allow fear to take over.  We allow it.  It's simply a weakness of our will. And the fact that it's fear, makes us all the more frustrated, when we know, intellectually, there is nothing to fear.  God is with us....goes before us....and only gives us what we can handle.  Is it fear that there will be failure?  Is it fear that we might succeed?  Fear of living truly a present and aware existence? Is it fear of work, where we are afraid of effort, time or the unknown of any given situation?  My Thinker ha

Flu Bug

Blogging has taken a back seat to laundry, temperature taking and overall sleep deprivation.  Now I can say with all authenticity to mothers of newborns, I feel your pain.  As I walk around in a daze, a fog of sleeplessness, I have lost touch with the details of my ordinary day.  I can't remember if I did this or took care of that.  I sit, stroke her hair and mentally speak with God about this child and every single one under my roof.  Lord keep them well, not only for my sanity but for the rest of those living in this house, have mercy on us all. I want to sit and appreciate chunks of time, as children waft in and out of sleep.  I realize, this is truly where I belong, here and no where else. This is where I am needed the most, this is where I am complete, in service to those around me, those needing their mother, desiring that kiss, that tuck with the blanket and the reassurance, that this too shall pass. No one can give comfort like a mother.  No one can look deep into t