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Oh, my darling little 8 year old.  How you have been waiting and preparing for tomorrow's big day.  You inspire me, my child, to be ever eager to receive our Lord, you motivate me to be prepared as well.  You have the power to move others with your joy and love.  It is contagious.  Never lose the excitement I see in your eyes, never lose that joy of being so intimately near Jesus. 

You Won't Break

So this week, I led discussion for fellow moms on a book we are covering....and while most days I lead discussion, I am focusing on what they might get out of this or that particular chapter.....A few days ago, I finally 'got' something out of this book, myself. I'm a reader....not as frequently as I would like, as my children require time and attention and interuptions keep my reading addiction to calm levels.  But over the course of my nearly 12 years of mothering, I've read many a book in order to at the very least, 'feel' like I know what I am doing.  (Even fake confidence goes a long way in my book!)  Every title I passed by I was crazed...yes, I need to know that!  So my shelves are lined with book after book, all self-proclaimed 'experts' in the field of child raising, or Catholic formation, or parenting, personality differences and so on. This latest discussion book, isn't the same as most I've read.  The focus isn't on being a be

Best Random Moment

So my little Babe wanted to visit Jesus at Church one morning.  On our way to said church, I asked Babe what he wanted to tell Jesus. He answered, while wiping his own runny nose, "I want to ask him to help sick people." Upon finding a pew, I sat down.  He knelt down, hands folded, head lowered.  He's silent for a good two minutes. He gets up, sits next to me in the pew. He points at kneeler, looks me straight in the eye, and tells me firmly, "Your turn." Simply Classic.

Pleas For A Pastor

Head on over to see my latest article on,   Pleas For a Pastor. Enjoy!

Small Successes Thursday

Wake Robin / Bloody Butcher Time to add up those little victories - they do add up! 1.)  Solidified plan to pay off basement remodel debt.  It's exciting to see the map. 2.)  Survived Holy Week and Easter.  Yes it should be more like 'Celebrated Easter' but some years, it truly is, about surviving a holiday or two.  I take no shame in being honest. 3.)  Succeeded in figuring out some RSS feed complications.  Really a small victory, but that's what Thursdays are for!! In Progress: 4.) The lawn and weeds! Have some to share - stop over at Chocolate For Your Brain!   I could use some for mine. 

Being Away

Yes, I've been away.  And it's been good.  Easter was a wonderful time to reconnect with my little ones, and yes with my Man....and beginning new adventures as well.  It's been necessary, it's been fruitful. As this past year has been full of learning new things, volunteering more of my time, and knowing a more clear direction for next school year.....we've made a few other changes as well.....and I fully recognize, it all must be God's hand.  Sometimes, things move slowly, and sometimes fast..... for the past couple of weeks or so, it has felt like the wind pushing this way, and then that way...only waiting for me to surrender willingly and not fight the pushing and pulling that He is doing. It's like He is asking... Do you trust Me? And I sit here, putting my hand out for Him, asking Him in return.... How much will it hurt? Ugh, isn't that always the way.  I wonder how much He'll ask me to give.  How much of myself can I keep for me.  How

Victory Laps

Grass is growing folks.  Each and every time I drive into my driveway, the long weeds of grass seem to sway in the breeze as if taunting me, calling me out.  Today, the new added element of neighbors maintaining their immaculate lawns pushed me over the edge. Determined to get our aging, rusting, and on it's last legs riding lawn mower started after a long winter, and dead battery was my adventure this day.  My little Babe stood by and watched me wrangle with a screwdriver in order to put this newly charged battery back into place. "Dad is better at this, Mom," he chants. "Yes, honey, Dad is better at this and many other things too," I responded, as I turned another screw into place. Battery connected, I climbed onto the seat, turned the key, and with a clicky click, it went silent. "I don't think you can do it, sorry to say it," Babe goes on. I opened the battery compartment yet again, and said to Babe, "Have a little faith, Buddy