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Pulling the Weeds

We are gardeners. We love to see all summer long our vegetable plants grow and mature, and then produce farm fresh tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers and all the rest. We work hard in our gardens, we pull those weeds and tend to our plants diligently. With the many tomatoes we harvest, we can many a salsa jar for Christmas gifts for family and friends each year. Now, with so much of the country seeing such a drought, our water bills have increased steadily as the rain in our very own Midwest has been so scarce. Tonight as usual, after the heat of the day had past, I did my nightly ritual, yep, in that squatting position, pulling those darn weeds and mentally figuring if I might have to water these sad looking garden plants. Tonight, I focused on the patch of my garden I dedicated to onions. Now, let me tell you about these onions. I have sowed them twice already, as the first batch were overtaken by weeds and lack of water. Persistent as I am, I planted them again, with new f

Small Successes Thursday

Oh my! It's been too long since counting my little victories, and I just love seeing in practical ways, how some things got accomplished!  So here we go.... 1.)  Learned valuable lesson.  Sometimes how we want to help someone isn't the way they need help. Sometimes help is dirty, sweaty, hard work.  2.)  Made home-made raspberry jam for the very first time.  Tastes great on buttered toast! 3.)  Am keeping up the water during this drought....our garden has never been babied this much. In Progress:  4.) Donating big pile to Goodwill! Have some to share?  CatholicMom is hosting, head on over!

When Does He Need Us

So yet again, I am typing that blogging is slow.  In truth, not only is blogging slow, but our lives are busy, which in turn puts writing or typing to the back burner.  I suppose I've grown accustomed to writing only when the need arises, when inspiration hits, and not when a certain number of days go by.  So, if you are a regular reader, and I'm later than usual, please know this:  I write pathetically when I am uninspired or under pressures for a deadline.  Writing for me, is a kind of self-help, a therapy to process information, to keep a sincere record of how my family touches my heart, and at times, simply to express a kind of gratitude for the life God has chosen for me. This post, is more of a reflection, I can already see this flowing from my finger tips already.... My Knight experienced something very special for him, and while he only said, "Well, I was glad to have been paying attention," My mind, of course, as a reflective person, went soaring.  My K