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My Favorite Flower

My Front Porch Star Gazer Lilies Take a little time to smell the flowers

Feast of St. Martha

Happy Feast of St. Martha! I saw this article , (photo from ) and boy, it really struck home with me.  I hope you will read it in it's entirety, it's worth it.....I left a comment at Faith and Family Live , but will copy and put it below.... Thank you for this link. It was beautifully written and very thought provoking. I admit, it is difficult to balance the needs of others, tending to the business while at the same time be in contemplative “mode”. I have in the past, received some good direction that has helped me over the years, and while it’s true, I need to remember this piece of advice more often, it does give me a sense of peace….being a Mary in this Martha world of ours. I was advised to consciously make the mental decision, before doing anything, to decide the ‘why’ of what I am doing. It takes some practice to form the habit, but I did find myself telling God the whys of everything. “I’m going to pick up this toy, iron this shirt, cook this me

Small Successes Thursday - School Prep

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that. 1.)  Completed Massive Garage Sale.  It rained, we sweated and  learned a few good lessons from visitors. 2.)  Sorted old school uniforms.  Making plans to purchase! 3.)  Began purchasing school supplies.  Half way done. 4.)  Donated three large bags full of clothes, threw out big junk dresser and large outside toy. Have some successes to share?  Go HERE!

Purging Success!

Over the weekend we had our massive garage sale to facilitate the Big Purge Project . It was amazing. The weather was a bit hit or miss, but it didn't detract all that much, people came in the rain! It was such an interesting couple of days, sweating it out and selling our clutter. The most fascinating people came by, shared a bit of their own story, made us laugh or smile, and left a bit of themselves on our driveway. Here's just a few prized memories from the Big Purge of 2010. Prized Moment #1 - A couple came up, asked if we were selling adult bicycles. Unfortunately we didn't have any for sale, but they volunteered why they needed one. Their son, twenty something, had been involved in a car accident. It was his fault, his recklessness. The car was totaled, but their son still had a job to get to. They refused to purchase a new car for him. They said they were determined to teach him, having a car is a serious responsibility, one to appreciate. They hoped to get hi

Hands on Parenting & Dr. Laura

I haven't been up on Dr. Laura lately, just too much on my plate these days, however, this recent blog of hers hit the mark.  And I completely agree with her.  Too often parents these days see their children as "accessories" and our society/media only help that mentality with recommendations on how to *remember* your own children are in the car with you. These type of things bother me a great deal.  Yes, it IS a sacrifice to stay at home with the children, income is less, kids have less toys, less vacations and so on.  However, if you are too busy as a career woman, to remember your child, your life-blood, your very own kid is in the back seat of a hot car, then I'm sorry, I have to agree with Dr. Laura, there IS a major problem. Here's the link for Dr. Laura: Disregard for Hands-On Parenting

Small Sucessess Thursday

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that. 1)  Garage Sale starts tomorrow to sell Big Purge Items - Needless to say, been planning for a month on that one.  2)  Returned home from trip to find kiddie pool filter broken, TV receiver conked out, modem stopped working and lost electricity in 93 degree heat.  HH fixed them all.  He IS my HERO!  So what's my success?  I patiently waited for him to fix it all, and didn't complain. 3)  Finally figured out high calorie foods versus low calorie foods.  Maintained calorie budget for this week using cool Ipod app:  Lose It! In Progress 4) After this weekend's Garage Sale - Creating play spot and exercise area in basement begins.  Can't wait. Have some successes to share?  Go HERE!

Boys Will Be Boys

Last week, as part of a larger treat, we all went fishing. Now I love to fish. HH loves to fish. The kids are learning to love to fish. Carefree loves the challenge and the fact that it 'seems' like such a 'boy' thing to do rather than the many 'girlie' type activities we find ourselves in. While we didn't catch anything that day, we did get to enjoy my very favorite aspects of the sport: the calm water, the warm breeze, the gentle sway of the branches above us and so forth. I admit, catching a fish or two would have been great. But watching Carefree and Babe just be the boys that God made them to be, was just as enjoyable, if not more than actually catching fish. We had no bait. While awaiting other members of our group to arrive with the earth worms, the kiddos decided to find their own bait. It was fun to watch. They found snails, tree frogs, grasshoppers and other small bait-like insects....even a large toad! I witnessed a great moment with the two

Patience and Letting Go - A Butterfly Release

One of Serious' Aunties gave her a birthday gift that our little girl will not surely forget.  With a mail-in form to order a few caterpillars, and the canopy to house the emerging butterflies, we had all we needed to complete a real life science experiment in our very own kitchen. We watched as these caterpillars made themselves into cocoons, then crawl out ever so carefully, and then slowly stretch their wings in preparation for flight. Serious was so diligent to be there, as any good mother would do, watching, caring for them, and spending her time coaxing them here and there in the canopy.  When the time had come to release them, I watched her face with confused emotion.  She knew releasing them was giving them a longer life, one with having their own babies, experiencing the great outdoors and so on...however she wouldn't be apart of that life, and that realization was difficult to resolve in the mind of a six year old. I advised her, just open the canopy, they'll

Blog Business in a Nut Shell

As it would happen, I am on a short break from blog business,.....I have somehow found a way to connect and post a simple, yet quick note....I won't be gone for long.  But time away...sometimes, just sometimes, gives perspective, a clarity that can't be found any other way.  I see that now.  Inspiration is always all around me, and yet, at times, I sit with a writer's block, with that all too familiar pressure - "Oh geez, what inspires me today?"  Honestly, some days, I can't find inspiration.  Other days, like this's all around me.  I am careful to jot my notes, my future ideas, and save them for another day. Stay tuned.  The Stay At Home Mom at Work is never far, just at times, a good way, silenced. This week, that silence, is gold.

Small Successes Thursday

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that. 1.)   Celebrated the 4th - parade, BBQ and fireworks....with five kids in tow.  Only minor sunburn and a few skito bites. 2.)  Grateful Jar half way there....must be at least 200 acts of gratitude in there.  Yippie! 3.)  Cleaned out Master Bedroom for Big Purge .   Garage Sale date selected - two more weeks.  It's crunch time. 4.)  Transitioned Babe out of crib into bunk bed, sorted baby clothes, and started to potty train.  Yikes.  He's growing fast. In Progress: 5.)  Toy Purge.  Have successes to share?  Go Here!

The Quiet Surrender

I had declared war on our yard's inhabitants...namely CHIPMUNKS who had destroyed many a flower pot, basil plants and began cracking our concrete front porch. Enough was enough. With no natural predators to take care of this problem, I took on the mission the past few weeks, trapped fourteen of them and removed them ever so dilengently...well HH did, but I was his cheerleader. However, one creature eluded me. Every morning, like clockwork, I'd step on our front porch only to find a new fresh pile of excrement to greet me. Obviously an animal was marking his territory, but for some reason our chipmunk trap ceased to work on this critter. It had to be some kind of other animal, as our trap was folly-proof. Each morning my intensity to discover this creature grew. It became a slightly unhealthy irritation for me, I'll admit it. We got MICE traps to set on his marked spot hoping that the creature would fall victim to one of these more appropriate traps. No luck. It wasn

School Supplies Already?

Yikes, just as I think summer has just begun, I get this note from Amazon for school supplies.  Perhaps I'll be shopping early this year!  Here's the details.... Special July customer deal: Offer: “Buy $100 of Eligible School Supplies, Get a $20 Credit on Your Next Order” Location: Details: For a limited time, purchase $100 or more in one order from the eligible office products below, and you'll receive a promo code good for $20 towards your next purchase of eligible products shipped from and sold by Offer valid on purchases made July 1-31, 2010, on products sold by Does not apply to purchases made from other sellers on the website. Simply purchase $100 or more of qualifying items in one order, and once your order has shipped you will receive an e-mail with your promo code. Limit one promo code per customer. See Terms and Conditions for details. School / Office  Supplies

A Day to Remember Part Two


A Day to Remember Part One

Just a few pics.....our day was full and so patriotic, and for the first time in years, I didn't mind when our neighbors were still lighting off their loud fireworks past midnight.... Happy Independence Day!

The Universal Language of Play

Our neighbors, just on the other side of the fence, are grandparents. Their daughter and grand-daughter are visiting for the next two months from Lithuania. The grand-daughter speaks no English, but from their backyard, you can see the longing on her 6 year old face to play with my kids in the back yard. Yesterday, her wish was finally granted. She bounded into our yard, swinging with Entertainer and Serious on the play set and ran through the yard as if she had lived here all along. The kids tried to communicate with her, and her responses were mostly a shrug of her shoulders, with a 'yes' or a 'no' here and there, but it was enough. They knew what each other wanted to do just by gestures and friendly smiles. By the end, the three girls were holding hands, sharing popsicles and laughing as if they had known each other for years.....without actually having any kind of verbal conversation at all! What a lesson for me.....words are often not even necessary to have ca

Small Successes Thursday Summer Edition

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that. 1.)  Went swimming with the kids, played "diving for pennies" game, how to hold breath under water and got a little sun. 2.)  Harvested first cucumber from veggie garden, broccoli and spinach, still awaiting red tomatoes. 3.)  Pulled massive amount of weeds from front yard, put down "Weed Block" and covered with mulch.  Perhaps a permanent solution? 4.)  Still working on The Big Purge of 2010 . 5.)  Rid yard of 14th munk. I remain..... with keen eye on the one whose claimed my front porch with it's excrement. Have Successes to share?  Go Here!