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Truth is Like a Freight Train....

Have you ever been wrapped up in yourself and desperately wanted to get out of it? Have you ever stepped outside yourself, took an objective look at the state of things, emotions, life's reality and thought, "Geez, I wish I could get out of this funk?" Yep - I have been there.  For like a month I've been there.  Wrapped up in self.  Wondering the 'where's mine'.  Frustrated over petty persecutions, angry at emotional reactions...and feeding oneself on my own emotions. Ugh.  It stinks to see it, and not know how to pull out of it. And then I did something for someone else.  I put delicate care, time and energy into a selfless act for a stranger.  It did something amazing.  It showed me something so valuable....that I am so blessed, and that life is too short, too precious to waste on my own frivolous complaints. When we do for others we are forced to step outside of ourselves, it forces us to tend to someone else, and forget the selfishness we have

Voting 2012

Did my civic duty.  I voted.  And instead of pushing those around me to vote as I did, I prayed.  I fixed my eyes on the tabernacle of our school chapel and entrusted the whole of the day to Him. He has a plan and it will be laid out.  I do my part, I vote.  And the rest is His job to sort out.  There's a liberation in knowing that no matter the outcome of this election, God will pull the best from it.  He is at work.  He is stirring the hearts of so many, as I see on the news, lines of people waiting to exercise their right as an American to cast their vote. It's a right and a privilege to live in a country where we decide who represents us.  It should stir our heart.  It should stir our feet, on this wet and rainy day, to drive out to our polling place, and cast our opinion.  Who to lead us as a country?  Who will uphold the values and tradition that we hold so dear as the great nation we are. My children, for the past many months have included in our daily meal praye