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Site Changes

As you are most likely aware there have been considerable updates to the format of this site over the past few weeks, as I tweak the layout and content. Here are the most recent updates: I've added a few new 'pages', as you can see under my Profile, and you'll be seeing more. The layout, template and color scheme is definitely more feminine in nature, and I hope to keep this look from now on. For quite a while the 'comment form' was disabled, and now the problem as been fixed. Please feel free to leave feedback on different posts, as well as constructive critique. I have added the SAHM at Work Store in the side column for your perusal. It includes Amazon's picks for Catholic purchases, but my own recommendations as well. Any purchase made from using these links results in a minor commission to help maintain this site's contents. I am also working on a few other projects well, and will update as those changes are made. I look forward to hearing from

Submissive to Husband, What Does That Mean Anyway?

(Sorry, it's long winded). First, before getting to this most controversial teaching of the Faith, let’s examine what we know to be true about the differences between men and women. Men are made at the onset to see the big picture, plan a few years out and ultimately steer the ship on a particular course. Rarely do they concern themselves with the details, as they don’t even see them. This is where God brings women into the fold, truly a genius move, to compliment the man. Women on the other hand, see all the details, even can sense the feelings in others just by body language. She can fill her day tending to the details of daily living, be it the meals, the shopping, the diapers, the home. The list goes on and on. Life is full of details! What is more difficult for women, and we are created this way, is seeing the big picture, the whole of the life of the family and the direction its going. With 50 years or so of Radical Feminism running rampage and teaching our young women wh

Need A Smile Video?

An elderly couple walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and spotted a piano. They've been married for 62 years and he'll be 90 this year. Check out this impromptu performance. We are only as old as we feel, it's all attitude. Enjoy!

The Olympics and God's Gifts

There's no way someone can watch these Winter Olympics and still wonder if God isn't giving us unique gifts from the onset of conception. As we have been giving time to watch a few Olympic sports lately, and showing the children what hard work and dedication can bring....we also are reminded that we all have special and unique gifts that can only be understood as an undeserving gift from God. Some gifts are those athletic abilities that we see on TV lately, that have been sharpened, focused and concentrated over many years. We too, must recognize that our children may not have these particular gifts, namely athleticism. They may excel in a variety of different avenues, and it's our job, as the parent, as the SAHM at Work, to recognize a particular gift and assist that child in fostering it, helping it to mature. No matter what we might see in our children, and help them to see themselves....we must put it into the right perspective. It's only by God's Grace, tha

Singing Babe

Babe turns two in a few weeks and unlike the 'terrible twos' I have often heard about, our Babe continues to fascinate us. Something we've noticed with him, in particular is his love of music. Even as a 6 month old, we noticed his change of demeanour, anytime music played near him. When he got old enough to pull himself to his feet, his little legs would bounce in the same rhythm as a nearby beat. As he perfected his walking, the dancing quickly followed, head bopping, and huge smiles were always part of the scene. And now, well now, we have his singing to enjoy. For the past few Sundays he's joining in the 'Glory' which is sung by our choir only a few feet away. He belts out like none of the other children, and onlookers chuckle nearby as he participates, however loud in the Mass. I look at him with such admiration for his spirit of joy that he brings. It's a complete innocent joy, uncorrupted, unguarded and unapologetic. I often wonder if those

Ash Wednesday and Pepsi

As promised, here's those reflections on the reasons to sacrifice during the Lenten season.... Let's rewind to last year's Lent. I was determined to give up my favorite beverage of all time....Fountain Pepsi. Not just Pepsi, mind you, Fountain Pepsi, those super sweet Pepsi drinks from a Taco Bell or a gas station. Trust me, I could tell if it was from a can or the real deal, fountain. I took on this challenge in the hopes to kick the habit, which I can fully admit now, was a slight addiction on my part, making me a slave to the cravings. I'd get through my morning, making up excuses of why we just HAD to run that errand right next to the Taco Bell. I'd make a stop after school pick up, just to taste that sweet, caffeinated syrup. It was bad. It was a craving, unlike I'd ever had pregnant. I longed for this beverage in a way that clearly wasn't healthy, and it became my 'drug' of choice. And just like all drugs, I became a slave to it. Without it,

Lent is Beginning

Ever have that feeling that just yesterday you put the Christmas CDs away, only to find out that TOMORROW is the beginning of Lent? For us, it's not just a feeling, I actually did just yesterday, put the Christmas music away for another year. Yikes, time is truly flying by. The children, this morning on the way to school were all discussing what to 'give up' for Lent, what to do for Jesus.....and Entertainer said something like this: 'Mom, I just can't decide what to give up for Lent......I know!! Mom, I'll give up my smile. I'll make sad faces all the time!' To which, of course, I responded, 'Well, let's think that one through a bit....' Entertainer interrupted, 'Oh, wait. Sometimes I can't stop my smile. AND what if someone makes me laugh. Oh, and Mom, what if someone needs my smile that day?' What a dilemma. These are the joys I receive every day as a SAHM at Work. Not only do I get to hear the insightful rambling

The Butterfly Circus II

Be sure to to watch the below two parts of 'The Butterfly Circus', a short film lasting about 20 minutes combined. You won't regret it. You'll recognize the main character, as the lead actor in 'Bella', Eduardo Verastegui . Part One Part Two Love, love, love the message of human dignity for those deemed unacceptable by society. Just yesterday, we showed our 9 year old, Thinker, these two clips, and used them as a teaching lesson as she is currently encountering difficulties with a classmate, whom she has a hard time getting along with. We discussed the short film with her, and we could almost see the wheels turning, and the light bulb go off above her she herself, said, "I think I know why she is so mean and angry. Her group of girlfriends 'kicked' her out, and now she's alone, sad, and lonely." BINGO! As Thinker sat and contemplated her own fate with this particular girl at school, and if they could ever be friends, she

Star Wars Gets Its Newest Fans

My Hero Husband's favorite movies of all time, he'll admit is the Star Wars series . What could possibly surpass the ultimate of ultimate feuds between good and evil, including the twists and turns of the Force, and the lessons of the great Yoda. Recently our two oldest, Thinker and Carefree, have watched the first two (Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back) and let me tell you, it was difficult to wait this long to introduce them to these famed movies. We decided to watch these with them, be there to explain a concept here or there and to witness the joy of these films just as we did when we were young. I couldn't be happier. We've gotten into the most interesting and formative conversations about good and evil, temptations, making choices, sin, confession and how decisions we make have consequences past our own experiences. With these two oldest children, now both able to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and with one already receiving Communion....and Carefree p

A 6 Year Old's Honesty - Priceless Innocence

Upon returning home yesterday from school, my 6 year old, Serious, asked me if we could talk privately. Once we got alone here's how it went: We sat down and then I asked, 'Ok, honey, what's up?" Her little, sweet face reddened, and her breathing pick up it's pace. 'Hum....Mom? I don't really want to tell you...hum....' I gave her a big hug and said, 'You can tell me anything, sweetheart, what happened today?' She continues, eyes welling up, face bright red, and her speech is hard to understand, 'Oh, Mom! It's been happening for a long time. It's a big secret!' She begins to stare at the floor as if the next thing she'll tell me is written there on the carpet fibers. My mind is racing.....secret? What secret? What on earth is she talking about?! I reassure her, 'You can tell Mom any secret. You know that, right? Any secret, you can tell Mom.' She asked nervously, 'You won't get mad?' I gave her a