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It was all in her panicked face...

Too many times I may complain of my hum drum daily routine. Get everyone up, ready, fed, off to school, pick up the house, make the meals, pick up the kids, teach a lesson or two on sharing and loving each other...and crash at the end of the day...only to get up and do it all over again. Little excitement, not much new or exciting, but that's ok , it's my role right now, it's my job, and the less excitement, the better the day goes,....usually. Yesterday brought with it the usual routine. At the time to load up the little ones, to pick up the older ones at school, the girls began the usual task of buckling the seat belts. Suddenly my four year old looked up at me, as I came to the side door of the van. Her foot was stuck in the automatic door closing mechanism and it was dragging her along. I said "Quick, get your foot out". And she screamed, "I can't!"....She looked at me then, with a face, I'll never forget.....Shear panic. She was scared, lik