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The Black Walnut Grenade

There is a blending that happens between a husband and his wife.  He has his traditions from his upbringing and she has hers.  Both are valid, good, meaningful and important.  Decisions must come when picking and choosing which, if not all, will be continued on into their newly made family. It's work to blend so perfectly into the family you see yourselves as.  It takes conversation, compromise and understanding to make this newly made family what God would have it.  HH and I are no different.  While we recently celebrated our 14th anniversary, I thought back to the many times we disagreed on which traditions, from which family we would continue on in our own childrens' lives.  It wasn't easy.  Nor should it be.  God depends on both spouses to work effectively and in unity to uphold old family traditions, and/or make new ones for your children. I admit, it is something quite special to tell stories of my childhood years of my own grandparents doing this or that, and ho

Best Random Moment

In the van on our way to renew our vows.... Dad:  I expect good behavior in church today.  I am going to ask Mom to marry me again. Kids:  Oh Dad!  She already married you. Dad:  I know, but I am going to ask her to do it again! Serious:  Why again, isn't once enough? Mom:  Yes, of course, once is enough, but every year, we ask God to bless us and help us to be a good husband and a good wife, and good parents. Serious:  What would happen if you said 'no' when Daddy asked again? Mom:  Oh, I would never say 'no' to Dad.  I love Dad. Serious:  Oh, I know THAT.  Just what would happen? Mom:  Honey, I don't want to find out.  I'm not going to say 'no'.  Why would I?  Serious:  Well, in case you change your mind. Mom: I don't change my mind about Dad.  He's for me, for always.

Small Successes Thursday

Time to celebrate these little ways we are generous with all adds up! 1.  Made trip up north to visit Grandmother again.  Read about it here .  She's a gem. 2.  Celebrated 14 years of marital bliss.  That number doesn't seem real. 3.  Making new school Mom friends.  We really aren't all that different after all. In Progress 4.  Take a guess.  Yep, laundry. Small Successes are hosted now, at Chocolate for Your Brain ....great blog title right?  Head over!

Awesome God in my tiny hands

Have you ever had to deliver Christ in the Eucharist to someone who could not walk themselves to receive?  I tell you, what a humbling experience.  You'd think over the years, perhaps everyone would have this type of responsibility for some reason or another.  But alas, not everyone has, as I certainly had never had this privilege, until just yesterday. Sitting next to my 89 year old Grandmother, unable to walk comfortably up the aisle, she leaned in to whisper in my ear, "Honey, bring me Communion, will you?" Of course, my response was a head nod, while inside my head was spinning as to how to practically manage my own receiving and yet request another.  I simply walked up the aisle and mentally went through the steps of how to politely request this additional Body of Christ for my ailing Grandmother.  In the exact moment after I made my request to the Priest, I was overcome, as I looked down at these two pieces of Our Lord. I received mine and then, I looked dow

Small Sucesses Thursday

Time to count up those little victories.  I really need this, this week. 1.)  Set up daily schedule.  Can see exactly what I am supposed to do at every hour of the day.  Helps to get everything done on my list, but can't stand the lack of spontaneity. 2.)  Like a scavenger, am raiding what's left in the garden.....Frost is coming early. 3.)  Quizzed all kids, every day, for tomorrow's spelling tests.  They are all solid.  4.) Attended *swank* breakfast, at *swank* house with *swank* ladies.  Am *swanked* out.  No more talk of mani/pedis, waxing or recent vaca.  I'm just your average farm girl, living in the burbs with some mega-watt school Moms. Small Successes are hosted now at Chocolate for Your Brain .  Head on over!

9.11.11 - Ten Years

It's hard to believe that isn't it?  Ten years have passed since our nation was attacked so mercilessly.  Ten years that we have mourned and prayed for those lives lost on September 11th.  Ten years that we have had a concrete, recent event to which a parent can point to and teach true heroism, true bravery and how sin can destroy. As a parent we can't sit by and not explain this important date in our nation's history to our children.  It's tough to put it into words, there is no doubt, but God depends on us to not only remember this day - but to learn from it, move forward with new knowledge, to teach our children.  We can't teach them to be afraid.  But we can teach them what heroism looks like.  We can teach them how sin can corrupt and destroy. It is our responsibility as a parent to walk that fine line between sharing the evils of the world, without teaching our children to constantly be afraid of the real and present dangers our world has to offer the

Best Random Moment of the Week

Upon saying good night to my Serious....she suddenly got quiet and stated firmly: "Mom, I am glad God picked me for you and you for me." "Really?  Why?" "Oh, I don't know.  But I am happy here in THIS family, with you as the Mom and Dad as the Dad." "Oh Wow.....well, honey, I am glad God picked me for you and you for me too." "Why are you glad, Mom?" "Because now,....... I can do this!" I said as I picked her up and carried her to bed, tickling her on our way down the hall. This is a moment I want to remember, the day my 7 year old daughter looked at me with such love, such happiness that she felt overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His perfect design.  You can't buy moments like that.  You can't ask for them either.  It's truly genuine when they are spontaneous eruptions of gratitude for life's gifts. I see a tiny wisdom of God's plan here when He gave us free will.  It's our choi

Small Successes Friday

So it's that time again, counting those small victories...they do add up one at a time to one huge WIN! 1.)  Pick tomatoes.  Blanche tomatoes.  Freeze tomatoes.  Repeat. 2.)  Nice chat with both sides neighbors.  3.) First week of school, and we were on time every morning! In Progress: 4.) Having company tonight for dinner.  One visitor is gluten free - Nice to be challenged in order to accommodate.  Rice Pasta anyone? Small Successes are now hosted over at Chocolate for your Brain ....stop by!

Public Speaking

New responsibilities have me learning all kinds of new skills, and I hate to admit that I love this new challenge added to my plate... I know, I know.  I should detest all of this, new and different changes, all these unexpected phone calls and issues to resolve peacefully.  And in many ways, I do detest it.  But, with a little wisdom, I look beyond the practicals to a bigger picture:  It makes me a better person. I knew this would come.  I knew changes and advancement of skills were a necessary part of these new duties I have committed to.  It's just not easy. Public speaking is one of those things I did better back in High School.  I took a public speaking class, or a debate class, and really had to sharpen these public speaking skills.  Now I think to how many years have passed....and it was 20 years ago.  It's ridiculous to have actually typed the number 20 there...but alas, it has been that long. Now over the years, I did have to dabble in public speaking roles, bu