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Thanksgiving 2011

So many times, I find myself writing a post on gratitude, and how perfect that once again, I sit to type out something and it revolves around this mysteriously hidden virtue, right at the perfect holiday:  Thanksgiving.  Most of today, was bliss, truly.  School is out, projects are complete, and today, I became reacquainted with my kitchen.  I just couldn't stop myself.  It was is if my Stove and I were long lost friends that I got the chance to sip some tea with and re-live the past few months, laugh and finally settle past neglect, with new vigor and resolve to never allow the busy world to come in between us again.  So I pushed my old friend today, The Stove and my KitchenAid, for Thanksgiving treats and kid friendly deserts in preparation for the big day of gratitude.  The kids played board games, Babe even made domino's to knock down all the while accompanied by squeals of glee.  It was a day to come back together, as for a while now, we've gone our separate ways,

Just a Thought for the Day

"...the most frequent obstacle to grace is a lack of forgiveness.  Forgiving our enemies is possibly the hardest Gospel precept.  We must forgive with our whole heart, leaving all resentment behind; pray for those who harmed us; and take the first step toward reconciliation.  These are hard tests of our resolve." "Today's permissiveness has clouded many consciences, especially on this topic.  Someone else may be carrying the weight of former grave sins, for which they have insufficiently repented or made reparation, even though the sins were confessed (for instance, abortion).  These, and more, are obstacles to divine grace and block the progress of liberation." author:  Amorth

Small Successes Thursday

What?  Am I on the right day this week?  See, miracles do happen everyday!  Here's what's been keepin' my feet movin'. 1.)  Did final revisions on a printing project.  Should be complete by tomorrow.  What a relief! 2.)  Read two chapters of a book.  A good book.  Made me think of how God has really blessed this family of ours, and challenged me to not complain of the little things. 3.)  Exercised.  That's huge, I've fallen off the wagon in my workout routine. In Progress: 4.)  Really, by now, I am sure you can guess it.  Laundry. Small Successes are hosted by Chocolate for Your Brain, stop over!

Human Touch in a High Tech World

I had something happen the exact day my Thinker had something happen at school.  It was almost like daughter imitating mother for a while there, and the whole thing gave me pause, as if God, in His wisdom, had orchestrated the whole thing in order to teach me such a valuable lesson.  That yes, indeed, my children do watch me, they do learn from me and I have a responsibility to stay consistent with what I teach them.  Do as I preach.  Yikes.  These kids test me. Emailing is quite a modern advancement that at times, I admit I lean on too often.  It keeps me from engaging in long conversations, that I have no time for anyway.  It keeps me focused, on target and getting my to dos done.  I've seen recently that I need to take more time for calls, that's tough, however, I do see how relationships advance quicker and smoother when there is a voice on the other line or a face to see. In a moment of frustration I sent a cranky email.  I even at the end, said so!  And then justified

Small Successes Thursday

Time to count up those little victories.  They add up to one BIG win! 1.)  Handed over three projects I was managing.  Yes.  Three.  Trained and passed them on.  It's bitter sweet, but now have more time for my little Babe. 2.)  Witnessed God working in another's life.  It was surreal.  You rarely see moments where people are overwhelmed at God's mercy and love. 3.)  Helped four kids do art and photography projects for school art contest. In Progress: 4.)  Finishing one more project this week for final printing next week. My plate is finally clearing off. Small Successes are hosted at Chocolate for Your Brain.  Head over and share your own!

Facebook Apologies

I tell you, over the years, I have had my issues with Facebook.  In this world of ours, it seemed to only facilitate narcissism, online bullies and inappropriate dialog.  I am the first skeptic and will probably be the last.  However, a recent event on Facebook has me rethinking things a bit. Back in my college days, I had my fair share of roommates....and when I think of it, I never really did have one good one out of the six or so I went through.  My roommates were neither friends nor friendly for the most part, and while they were consumed with parties, drinking and boys, my mind was on the love of my life, finishing college so I could marry him.  My life during college years was more goal-oriented, and driven.  Theirs was not.  I have thought and prayed for these women over the years, hoping that God in His wisdom will look after them, and guide them to where He wants them to be. And that was it. I let it all go.  I let go the late night parties in my apartment.  I let go the h

Finding Balance - Openness with Prudence

Every mother, I have this sneaky feeling, has trouble finding balance in her daily life.  Working mothers, SAHM mothers, or Work from home mothers, all find themselves walking this fine line.  Am I giving enough to this child or that one?  Am I giving enough to my work (whatever work that might be)?  Am I giving enough to my husband?  If I give this whole morning to this activity, have I neglected something else just as important?  Rarely are we considering I somehow, giving something to my own soul so I might be refreshed to tackle all these questions one more time tomorrow morning. For some mothers, they never consider themselves, they give and they give, to their own detriment, as they slowly but surely find themselves completely voided, and unable to give anymore as they haven't tended to themselves on any real level.  And tending to themselves doesn't mean complete neglect of everything else, it doesn't mean a kind of selfishness that leaves everythin