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Palin Debate

I've heard Sarah Palin quit as Governor of Alaska. What to make of this. I've seen the debates, good decision, bad decision. Either way, if she was seeing her job affecting her family negatively or her state negatively, I applaud her stepping down. What I want to discuss is the possibility of her run in 2012 for President. I heard one commentator state, as she is extremely pro family, that a run for President would seriously damage her family, especially considering a child of hers with special needs. Good point. Though to make change in our nation, that is so desperately needed, a person just like her might be the one to do it. So here's the question, does she sacrifice the needs of her children to steer our country where we need to go, especially if she's the only one able to do it. Hey I am pro-family all the way. But i do think back to the many men and women who have sacrificed not only time with their family for our great nation, but their very lif

That occupation blank

Ok , as a stay at home mother, we find ourselves often at the difficult task of what to put in that little blank on various medical, school etc forms....occupation. Homemaker? Housewife? Sound too 50's? How about SAHM ?, Family Caretaker, or Minors Supervisor? What else is applicable?....Teacher, Doctor, Chauffeur , Nurse, Therapist, Negotiator, Mediator, Formator ....the list goes on and on. Someone who struggles with a self identity will suffer in order to place the correct word, thinking....'I am so much more....I have a degree, a Masters, a Doctorate, I was once a CEO of a major corp....'.. Titles don't define us. How could a title define all the work that Mother encompasses? It just can't. Obviously the point of the occupation blank is to identify what or where brings home the $$. That's all. The form isn't mocking you, belittling you, or challenging what you know to be the best for your child. The struggle is simply the lack of confidence in the road