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All Hallows Eve 2011

Over the weekend, I was on my search to find All Saints Day costumes for the kiddos, as at their Catholic School, they celebrate All Saints and not today, Halloween.  So I have done my Halloween rants in the past, and I don't care to revisit them.  Everyone has an opinion on Halloween, some love it, some hate it.  Personally I have come to accept it's just apart of our culture to celebrate this day, and most people really don't look to the meaning behind it.  Is that a bad thing?  Well, I don't know.  I just prefer the ugly faces to not be in front of my kids, where nightmares will surely visit later. So on to All Saints....something did strike me at a Party Store to find accessories for my four miniature saints.  We have this year:  Saint Queen Katherine of Hungary, Blessed Mary Kiota, Saint Martin of Tours and lastly Blessed Kateri.  My little Babe will participate as a NASA astronaut, as I am sure one of those men became a Saint at some point.  (Hey, we are makin

Small Successes Friday

Yes, I am on the wrong day.  In this journey of life, I am realizing it's not perfection we seek for ourselves, only that we make a sincere effort when we can with how much we have at our disposal, that really matters.  So here we are, counting those little victories. 1.)  Managed our hot lunch program this week at school.  Filled in for another Mom who was on vaca.  Realized the fun in just getting to know other hot lunch Mom volunteers! 2.)  First week of exams for 5th grade Thinker.  Studied with her every day.  She's such a hard worker and determined spirit that refuses to give up.  Love that. 3.)  Am finding moments of peace in a week of chaos.  That's more than a small success and so deserves mention. In Progress: 4.)  House cleaning, need I say more? Small Successes are now hosted over at Chocolate for Your Brain , head on over if you have a few to share!

Best Random Moment of the Weekend

Thinker and I went on a girls shopping adventure and in the car, some very interesting things were discussed in regards to her girlfriends... Mom:  I am so glad that you have found a nice group of girlfriends.  They all seem so nice. Thinker indifferent:  Yep, they are. Mom:  It isn't always easy to find good friends who can stick up for each other. Thinker:  What do you mean? Mom:  Well, sometimes, girls your age will either be in a bully group, or in a group that gets bullied.  And that's a tough choice. Thinker:  Why is that a tough choice? Mom:  Well, you know it's wrong to bully someone, and it hurts a lot to be bullied by someone else.  You see, either way, it's no fun. Thinker:  Hum.... Mom:  Imagine if you had to pick between two groups like that, which would you choose? Thinker:  If I was in the bully group, would they make me tease and hurt other kids? Mom:  It usually works that way. Yep. Thinker:  Well, then of course, I'd be in th

Great Video!!

Authenticity and Trust

Somehow, events as they are erupting around me, lended itself to yet another venue of public speaking. While, I am getting a tad more comfortable, I realized the need for authenticity in all these moments of private relationship building, and at the public presentation level too. People can tell, I don't know how, but they can tell how real you are, in a private setting and in public ones. They can see right through you sometimes, and an "act" is obvious. An "act" is never received well, as it subtly tells someone, you aren't comfortable sharing the truth of yourself.....and the reasons for that could be many. Perhaps you aren't okay with who you are. Perhaps you are telling the other person, you aren't ready to share that deep of a dimension yet. Perhaps you are nervous, uncomfortable, stressed, tired or unhappy. The subtleties of an "act" are so vast, that someone observing you, might get the wrong idea...or the right one, that you dist

Photo Fun - Camping Style

Small Successes Thursday

Ok, time to add up those little's good to see how little things with great love really do make a difference! 1.)  Went on spontaneous camping trip with awesomely colored leaves, great trails with over looks, smores, campfire, massive 7 person tent and yes, porta-potties.  Best quote of the trip: From my little Entertainer, age 6, as I come out of the porta, she looks up at me, after having used it herself first, and asks rhetorically, "How'd ya like that potty?" 2.)  Food was low.  Grocery shopping done yesterday.  Enough said. 3.)  Bought huge calendar to keep track of kids' homework, tests and project due dates.  Giving them a little independence, as they must put their due date on there for me to see! In Progress: 4.)  Going to parish Mom's group this morning!  Looking forward to meeting new Moms. Have some to share?  Head over to Chocolate for Your Brain where it's now hosted!

Allowing God To Work

So blogging is slow.  I knew it would be.  There is too much on my plate.  There are women in my path looking for answers, and I'm seriously doubting in my abilities to do it all.  I am taking this moment, this right now moment, to take it in, to take in the little things God is permitting me to witness, to watch, to counsel and to advise.  Today was the Living Rosary at our Catholic School.  My daughter having a significant reading part in the Living Rosary was all the necessary push I needed to attend and participate.  I do enjoy it, as each decade is said in a different language showing such a universality of our Mother Church.  Today was no different.  I thoroughly loved hearing the different ways to say "Hail Mary, full of grace" and "Our Father".  It was surreal to hear it over and over again, not understanding the majority of the languages spoken, yet, still knowing what was said, and responding in English the second half.  It was beautiful. During th