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Guarding Life - Spring Break Part II

On this vacation, to an indoor extravaganza that is located in the Wisconsin Dells, we stayed at a great location.....Great Wolf.  I highly recommend it, perfect for the ages of my kids, 10, 9, 7, 6 and 3.  All had something amazing to do at the indoor water park, with so much else to keep you busy as well, just in case the water park got dull in the slightest, which for us, it didn't. A great selling point for the Great Wolf, (and there are many) are their life guards.  As a parent of five, I always feel outnumbered, even with HH at my side, there will always be more of them than us.  Some of our crew are better swimmers than others, and my nerves are a mess on adventures such as this one. Who needs help? ....Who is drowning?.....Who needs a life jacket?....Who can't stand the life jacket?.....Who is too daring in the deep waters?....Who needs to be more daring?  I tell you, I am usually a wreck of nerves during vacations such as these, and because of it, practically pass ou

It has to HURT - Spring Break Part I

So we find ourselves on an adventure of a Spring Break vacation.  Oh how we needed this break....not so much from the craziness that is our life, though recently there was plenty of crazy, and not so much from any humdrum, which some days it does feel like it.....(Can crazy become humdrum?)  This break is from the world.  At times, we find children going their separate ways, even in our own home, this one goes to her room, the other to build legos and so on.  They all can find their own corners of the house, without actually coming together, if only for dinner. Even HH and I at times fall into the trap of busy-ness, and feel like those ships that sail past each other in the night, as he manages all his responsibilities and I manage my own.  Yes, we talk, but, there is always that feeling that the conversation can't go on very long, as the next thing to do, is well, right around the corner, and we might as well cut it short, to get to it. It's a terrible habit.  I've see

He Is Risen

Serious artwork, age 7

Holy Week Small Successes

We celebrate every Thursday, well, for me usually Fridays, with a little pat on the back.  One small step for Mom, One giant leap for mankind.... 1.)  All family members have Easter outfits.  I actually planned ahead this year.  Feels AWESOME. 2.)  Got Medieval Castle Cake Pan yesterday for Knight's Holy Saturday birthday, (per his request!) can't wait to decorate it with little knight figures, complete with sword and shields!  Chocolate frosting for mud, powered sugar for mouth is watering.  These kids are SO FUN! 3.)  Had children color pages of Last Supper and Washing of the Feet, with added bonus..."What is Jesus teaching us here?"   The kids responses were PRICELESS.  One child said, "He teaches us that we'll never be alone."  Thanks Serious! In Progress: 4.)  Baking sugar cookie cutouts for Saturday decorating:  bunnies, chicks, eggs and baskets....Spring is here! Have some to share?  Go over to Faith and Family!


After the insulation, dry wall. Lots of scraps Perfecting the work Taping drywall Time to PAINT!!!!!!!! 

28 Days To Better Behavior - Book Review

A while back, I wrote an ehow article on how to help your little one behave better in Mass. I was contacted by Michael Rayes, who had similar strategies in order to assist our little ones, and he asked me to review his book once it came out. I received the book just recently, "28 Days To Better Behavior", and it was truly one amazing read. I found myself picking it up again and again, and reading the past ten years of lessons we had learned, staring right in front of me on these pages of wisdom. Back in 2000, I was a new Mom and my little Thinker was just a baby, and one Sunday morning, my heart dropped significantly to hear our pastor make a firm announcement about the baby-bringing-to-Mass policy. He stated in very clear terms, any child making noise should be escorted promptly to the ‘cry room’ in the back. Feeling my face flush red hot nervousness, I contemplated ever returning with my baby again. Perhaps HH and I would take shifts, and *gulp* never return as a complete

She's Waiting for Me

Last time we sent a package to Locks of Love, I was overwhelmed by the maturity I saw in my Thinker, as her belief that 'Life is about sacrifices', touched my heart and moved me practically to tears. Again, I see another child before me, wise beyond her years, sacrificing her long blonde locks for others in need.  I think Serious was moved by her elder sister, Thinker, who was inspired by a cousin...whom was probably touched by someone else's sacrifice.....It all gets paid forward.... Serious is seven.  She has always had this long beautiful, blonde hair.  She would brush it and enjoy how soft and luscious it was, telling me often, 'Gosh, Mom, I just love my hair!' A few months back, she made a decision to grow her hair a bit more for donating her long tresses to Locks of Love, just as her sister had done a while back.  As a Mom, I always want to know their reasoning, their thinking behind such a bold move.  It's like I get a window into their heart and s

Pierced and Spilt

Condemned and sentenced An authority mistook, The End has begun. Thorn adorned, Piercing and stabbing A throbbing menace. Awkward, heavy and hot Feet lose their tread, Knees bend and buckle. Mama, don't cry, Your Son redeems the world. Two by two, Side by side, Shouldering a burden together. She wipes the Holy Face. Compassion & mercy As a weave soaks. Unbending wood Aching body falls, Heaving forward. Comforting women, Go console all whom He gives you. Again, the earth hits the Face, hard and unyielding. Stripped, Exposed, Dignity mocked. The Blessed Flesh, Is pierced here and there, punctured tissue. Holy Blood Spilt & splattered, Dignity shattered. Final breath escapes, The beat ends. He is hung out. Flesh released, Defastened, loosened and drenched. It is done. He is laid. He rests.

Small Successes

Here we are again, counting those small victories.  They add up one at a time to a HUGE TRIUMPH! 1.)  Planted some indoor seedlings for our vegetable garden.  Felt good to get dirt under my nails. 2.)  Cleaned off kitchen counters.  I can prepare meals again on them, what a feeling! 3.)  Found modest, yet cute swim suit for Spring Break adventure, Lands End to the rescue!....Can't wait! In Progress: 4.)  Cleaning up yard's winter mess.....LOVE SPRING! Have some to share?   Go Here!

Fighting the Battles

Ya know, when I was a kid, my parents never knew if I ever trashed them to my friends.  I really don't remember ever doing so, however, I probably did.  I can imagine myself doing it, I just don't have a concrete memory of it. As a kid, I knew the 10 commandments, I had to memorize them for CCD on Saturday mornings, however, I never really knew what they meant, never tried to apply that 'Honor Thy Father and Mother' teaching.  Over the years, though, as a parent myself, have seen how important this teaching really is, and have even made steps, as an adult, to uphold that commandment.  Better late than never. My Carefree Knight had a situation yesterday, where he did a little trash-talking with his friends about his father.  I might never have known it, however, Thinker brought it to my attention, and as I asked Knight about what happened, my face showed all the disappointment I could muster.  After he was finished, I looked him straight in the eye and told him, &quo

Best Random Moment of the Week

Today, during a usual Sunday Mass, Entertainer asks to sit next to me, which she rarely does.  She asks me a few questions during Father's homily... Entertainer:  Mom?  Who is God's family? Me:  Honey, look around you.  She does and turns her face back to me. Me:  All these people are God's children. Entertainer:  So.....God's the Dad? Me:  Yep. Her eyes widen as she leans forward to glimpse her own father a few feet away. Entertainer:  Who's the Mom? Me:  Blessed Mother. Entertainer:  Wait.  She married Joseph, right? Me:  Yes, she did.  She's the Mom of God. Entertainer:  Oh.  I get it. She smiled then, seemingly to have had her questions answered to her satisfaction, and I smile to myself.  Yes, it really can be that easy. I love it.   If only I had her simple faith.

Book Reviews are Coming....

Two authors have recently, sent me their newly published books for me to review. I never find the time to read....seriously, I can't even get through a good magazine.  However, I will tell you these two books that I am finishing up are really keeping my interest. I rarely do book reviews and only had one giveaway.  I'm not usually that kind of blogger.  However,  I will put something up if I feel it's worthy and/or might assist any of my readers. The first book I will review is called "28 Days To Better Behavior"  How to have attentive kids at Mass and peace in the pew by Michael Rayes.  The author found my ehow article on how to teach children to behave during Mass.  You can read it here.   He contacted me directly and shared how he agreed with many of my own findings on child-rearing and discipline.  The second book I will review is called, "The Invisible World" Understanding angels, demons, and the spiritual realities that surround us by Anthon

Just to see his face.....

Now, I like shoes.  No, I mean, I really like shoes. And these shoes make a statement for sure, however, I think my true motive for wearing these, would be the priceless look on Knight's face upon seeing me in them.  He'd have a hay-day with this one.  Might have to bust out a glue gun - and have some fun. Read the story here

Opportunities and Priorities

Opportunities can be God's way of giving us a chance, giving us an obvious fork in the road, to prove ourselves to ourselves. An opportunity has arisen.  Not just a random thing that could have happened to someone else, in a small twist of fate, if you believe in that kind of thing.  It arose, specific for me.  I was singled out, and while that whole notion of being noticed is a rarity for the Stay at Home Mom at Work, it definitely fed the ego, rose the Pride and had me battling my own mission in this life. I like to think of myself as a kind of Secret Agent.  We move at stealth speed, unknown, quiet, but with purpose.  I'm there, you can see me, however, I mostly go unnoticed, going about my business, often moving here and then there, to ensure some disaster isn't going to send my world into chaos.  I shift my persona to accommodate the needs, as any spy would do.  I'm demanding or playful, I sing and dance, or clap in the audience, study hard, cook a mean dinne

Birthday Fun

After much chagrin over getting closer to 40, I must say, age does have it's privileges.  My birthday gift this year, was a fantastic camera.  I am thrilled.   I've been playing around with it today, and without much studying of the manual, I've fallen into the trap of thinking I am a bonified photographer....with a watermark to boot! A cool Spring brings fun outdoors to examine what Winter has left us....  The Ice Melts  Our Lady  Dangling Drops  Web of Trees