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Reflection on 15 years

In a few short months, we will see a milestone for my beloved and I; Fifteen years of being husband and wife. It’s a little strange to contemplate that this many years have gone by. Alas, I look about our home, and see these five children who look a little like me and a little like him, and they are a profound proof that yes, indeed this many years have come and gone, bringing life’s true joys mingled along side the struggles. Amidst the children being the sign of our love, there are little other nuances that I have worked to identify, as otherwise, would go unnoticed, underappreciated and overall taken for granted. I take this time in reflection, to not only pinpoint those little ways that make and sustain our marriage, but to thank God, that we recognized early on, marriage takes Work. It’s not something that comes easily nor without sincere effort. God has always put on our hearts, from the onset of our marriage, that this thing, this relationship would need constant atten

Happy Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day - to not only the Hero of my life, but the Hero of these five little childrens' lives.... To them you are: The strongest man alive The toughest, The safest, The smartest, The fastest, The most sacrificial man that they and I have ever known and loved. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there, who give and give, and then, when you think they have nothing left, they fix One. More. Toy. 

Top Ten School Year Lessons Learned

The school year ends just as ceremoniously as last year, with all the pomp and circumstance that should accompany graduation and the closing of yet another year of learning.  Yes, the children learned great things this year, with all their studies, their advancement in academic areas, as well as their own character formation....they learned a great deal, this I have seen with my own eyes. As this year closes for us, I too feel like I have been schooled.  I too, have a good sense of lessons learned through the many activities and team endeavours I found myself involved in.  And I have posted on this before, hopefully, this won't be repetitious.  However, I will say, that as a Stay at Home Mother, at times, we can find ourselves in a kind of bubble.  If we want and choose, we can consume ourselves with the many tasks at hand, tending to our children, our husband, and then rarely move and work out in the world, forced to give and take with other team members, or interact in social s