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My Son's First Kiss

My son gave away his first kiss today...August 30th, 2009. For months now, I have shown him how to kiss, I kiss him often, and have asked for a kiss in return.....nothing, not even the correct sounding *smooch*. Oh, I should say, he's only 18 months old. But can definitely show affection when he wants - and so a hug or kiss should naturally follow for his mother.....well it certainly did follow - just not in the way expected. Today, my HH and I sat on the couch, as we played with the baby, peek a boo and the like, when something caught his eye. I had a bracelet around my wrist...a basic silver chain with a heart charm on the clasp. He wiggled enough to get a closer look at the heart, and there was something he recognized, something he clearly his next move was to repeatedly kiss the heart with all the sound effects included! The heart on my bracelet had the image of Our Lady on it, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Now, I know what you’re thinking.....he's only a b

United We Stand

A family member sent this video, and it's quite good. Something came to mind after it was finished. Women are so different...would we really band together to protect one of our own? Food for thought, would love to have a discussion on it.

Funeral Arrangements

Any mother will tell you, they know in an instant, from the tone of a voice, how fast your feet need to carry you to one of the children. A week ago, in the morning, I heard my name shouted out with a touch of fear and sadness.....Our beloved pet was found stiff in her cage by it's owner, an 8 year old little mother. Our hamster, the poor little furry friend, didn't make it and the kids had an up close encounter with death of a loved one. Four out of my five were sobbing, moaning, and clutching my pant legs for comfort. If the baby could have understood, he would have been there too for sure! We put her in a special box, thanked God for the year He gave us with her, and prayed for Jesus to take care of her now. They made special things to put in the box with her, a few crosses, and coloring pages. My son made an outdoor cross out of sticks and tape, and the funeral arrangements progressed. Our oldest, 8 years old led the prayers for her pet, and amidst tears, she gave an ama

Motherhood in the Age of Technology

Yikes - check out this story on Fox news:,2933,536294,00.html This is exactly why I refuse to post pictures on various public sites like Picasa, blogs, face book, My Space and others. Besides the countless technology savvy predators out there, this type of thing scares the beggious out of me. Am I being paranoid? Overprotective? How do we as mothers live in the Age of Information and Technology with some semblance of common sense. Let's face it. Do a little digging, and you'll be shocked at what you might find. We can't live in fear, but we can be cautious. We can be smart. We can be knowledgeable. I don't all in all object to some of these sites where people can share their lives with others in an instant. I think in some cases, it actually could be helpful. HOWEVER, you must be educated on what exactly you are doing, who might actually have access to it, it is public, private? Know what the site does with all the info it gathers. Qu