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Small Successes Thursday

Yes, it's Thursday, time to count up those small victories.  One by one they do add up. 1.)  Received and read new book for review by Anthony DeStefano, "I Just Can't Take It Anymore!" Too cute, will post a review soon, along with your chance to win it.  It's giveaway time! 2.)  Organized office desk.  Huge success. Huge. 3.)  Hung things back on walls after painting job, well, hubbie did it, I directed. In Progress: 4)  Nursing little Entertainer back from the flu. Small Successes are now hosted over at Chocolate For Your Brain.   Stop over and share your own!

A Man In The Making

Carefree Knight is nine years old, my second oldest child, and in 4th grade.  This year for him has been a year of self confidence, perseverance and determination.  See, he was never motivated to study, to read or even to apply himself.  He got frustrated quickly, gave up easily and seemed to prefer the path of least resistance. Then, he got into 4th grade.  I have never seen him work as hard, striving to get every possible answer correct, ace his quizzes and/or tests or study as diligently.  All mind you, without my reminders.  So what has changed.  A mother must evaluate to determine what shift has moved this boy in the direction I have prayed for him to go in. A multitude of things has contributed to this change.  4th grade.  He is top dog now, as 3rd and 4th are combined in our school.  He is no longer in the same class as Thinker, something I always wondered if it stifled him a bit.  He became a Knight of the Altar, something he takes very seriously, up early to serve Mass,

Limits and Worth

Many times I have mentioned moving into a new chapter in our family's life.  The kids are growing fast, even Babe is turning four years old in a few short months.  Life is certainly easier in a lot of ways, no diapers to change, babies to nurse or heavy car seats to lug here and there.  We are sleeping through the night, we are eating together as a family, no more baby food jars, no more high chairs or sippy cups.  Where have those days gone?  When Mom is in the thick of these things, it seems like we'll never get out of it.  We imagine this is our state in life, this perpetual high demand of laborious tasks, with our energy tank at near empty again and again.  It becomes a way of life.  We adjust, our bodies even get used to living on less and less sleep.  We make a certain peace with this way of life, and it's hard to imagine a time when it will be behind us. I didn't see this day coming, just as I am sure most Moms can't see beyond the many details we are c

Small Successes Friday

I know it's been a while since posting.  Time escapes me daily it seems, however, I can find a few minutes to count my small victories, as they all add up!  Pat yourself on the back every now and again, we are all doing great work! 1.)  Confrontational phone call.  Held my ground, kept my cool, cried afterwards.  Seeing a struggling soul is God's way to teach us compassion and gratitude.  He schooled me. 2.)  Spent serious time quizzing children in spelling words this week.  Wow.  Tough ones like 'chronological' even challenged me! 3.)  Plans changed about ten different times this week.  What I had envisioned will not be the case.  I think God has a few chuckles when I show Him my ideas. In Progress: 4.)  Painting plans!! Small Successes are now hosted over at Chocolate for Your Brain.