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A New Day

4 years.... last post was over 4 years ago....  and while my readership has diminished, this creative outlet has found new wings.  Do I really have to explain what has transpired in the last 4 years? Can it be enough that the intimate moments of family life just be treasured in the heart of this mother.  How many priceless moments that made me pause and reflect.... innumerable...truly.  But being in the moment versus capturing the moment is two different things. Alas, my nature is to reflect and type out some inner workings of my heart allowing a peak into these past several years... I'd like to say that I have been in the moment.... to be honest, I haven't really been nor capturing the moment. The last four years have been a blur of never ending commitments and responsibilities that consumed me. In down moments, I tended to fall asleep, or crash rather, in order to start all over the very next day... a barrage of how I have spread myself too thin, lost all patience, and