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Sacrificial Gifts

As I sit and type this morning, and do a little mental stretching, I contemplate this Advent and season of gift giving.  What makes a gift truly sincere, truly meaningful and truly in the spirit that is Christmas? How easy is it to pick one of hundreds, thousands of random choices our commercials show us on a daily basis.  How tempting is it to simply grab something in the check out aisle for that loved one.  What should dictate our gift giving?....What makes a good gift? Advent - the time of waiting, contemplating is also a time to consider the gift the whole of creation received 2000 years ago.  A Savior.  God knew full well, he is sending a baby, vulnerable, delicate and His own Son, to be dependent on humans, to be at the mercy of our goodness and weakness. What a gift.  And as much as we consider Christmas as Jesus being born - it also should bring to mind, the why He was given to us.  He is our example, right, "WWJD?"  He is our teacher, he is our brother, frie

Being Trusted

For years, it seems, this delicate word, this invaluable virtue has been a battle for me.  From deep in my youth, a grave injustice had been inflicted upon me and the consequences of these acts, the lingering aftershocks, come at me in waves of distrust.  It has made trusting others so difficult through out my lifetime, even has created wedges between my beloved and me.  It has invaded every friendship, every relationship I have ever had, ever since my own rational judgement matured into understanding the gravity and seriousness of the infraction I had endured. Trusting others has been a God-given purpose in my life, I just believe it so from the depths of my heart and prayers.  I picture Him yearning to have me overcome the sins of the past, by learning how to trust people in my life again.  Oh the trouble with people in my life being human, and not perfect!  So people will make mistakes, and I have to learn to take that risk.  Trust them anyway, until they prove me wrong, that th