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Random Moments

Life is full of these little moments, times when we find ourselves amazed at what little people will say or do, at  times demonstrating a maturity or intelligence far beyond their years.... Here's my recent favs.... 1.     Mom to 4 yr old Babe:  "So, what would you like for your birthday? A new Thomas train?"         Babe to Mom:  "Oh, no, they are a little babyish about,...hummmmm.... like an Ipad." 2.      12 Yr Thinker to Mom:  "You know Mom, he might just have to fail a test, to know how important it is to study." 3.      Entertainer, 8 years old:  "Mom, school work, all of a sudden got hard." 4.      Babe at bedtime:  "Mom, after I die, do I come back to life in Heaven?  And...will there be gum for me there?"

Falling Off The Lent Wagon

Not even two weeks in and I've fallen off the Lent wagon.  Sometimes, I think I focus my time and energy to ensure my kiddos are making their sacrifices and understanding this liturgical season.  And as it tends to be, I forget my own spiritual development. My Lenten 'sacrifice' this year wasn't to be a sacrifice, in the typical sense, like chocolate or popcorn, it was meant to bring myself each day, into the light and splendor that is the Holy Mass.  Was my goal unrealistic, with five kids to prepare each morning?  I don't know, I've seen families with twice as many kids to get ready and there they are, present in the chapel, perfectly groomed with reference and piety. When others can accomplish what I can't seem to, a little stab to my pride makes me reflect on the differences of one mother to the next.  Should I allow this family sitting in the next pew to challenge my own inadequacies?  (because for sure I do!)  Or does this family actually perform

Love Thy Neighbor

Understanding the will of God can be difficult.   What am I typing?  It is not only daunting, but at times simply maddening.  It can include excitement at the prospect of His plans, and at times sadness to see our own will diminished and His will exercised.  It’s like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, until ultimately, we surrender ourselves and find the peace that can only come with His divine grace. Lately, HH and I have had something pulling at us, as if God was trying to tell us something, so delicately that we can’t see it clearly.  In His wisdom, it’s almost like, he wants us to figure Him out first, before revealing His plan.  It’s rare that both husband and wife should feel this same stir deep within, at the same time, at least rare for us.  So we’ve spent some significant time in discernment….thinking and praying through the many facets of our family of seven to hear God’s plan clearly, to see how He is marking things out for us.  What does God want us to see