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About Me

I am your typical Stay At Home Mom, SAHM for short, and yes, I am At Work.  Any mother will tell you that being a Mom is hard work, regardless if you earn an income at an outside the home location or not.

Being At Work, doesn't just mean the meals, the laundry, the dusting, the vacuuming, the checking homework, taking care of a sick child, the clothing, the feeding and all the rest of the 'fringe' elements of the job.  Being At Work, includes all these mentioned above, but includes so much more.  Any Mom can give birth, raise a child, feed them, and keep them alive until they are 18 and out of the house.  Being At Work means so much more to me, as I see all the other elements of bringing a child into adulthood as so much more important. 

It's work to clean the house, feed the kids, yes, it is.  However, it's Work, with that capital 'W' to form a child.  It's Work to teach them right from wrong.  It's Work to pass along a faith through example and teaching.  It's Work to give them self-esteem.  It's Work to give them confidence.  It's Work to teach them the truths of the world and prepare them for it.  It's Work, indeed hard Work at that.

It's a kind of Work that forces a Mom to take a long hard look at her own life.  What hinders Mom from doing all that the children need?  I guess, that's the part I appreciate the most.  It's Work to examine my own life, learn from my own childhood, my own life lessons and do better, be better.....for my kids.  They deserve that kind of Work on my part.  It's called the Vocation of Motherhood for a reason.  It's meant to sharpen us.   

Over the years, in my effort to blaze a new path for my children, one not plagued with the dysfunction of my own youth, I have read countless books, articles, magazines and anything else I could manage, and have never found such truth of how to be Mother, how to be Woman, anywhere....anywhere but our Catholic Faith.  Pope John Paul II, the Great, has written so many letters on family life and over the years have found myself, revisiting these letters, studying them, and working to not only absorb the teachings, but apply them. 

I have been married for 12 years to the most amazing man, referred to in my posts as Hero Husband or HH for short.  Twelve years haven't come without it's struggles and conflicts, to be sure, but working through each one, has only strengthened our resolve to keep fighting the good fight.  He challenges me....and I admit, I need that.  I am sure at times, I challenge him too, but I am not sure he'd say he needs it, but God gave me to him, for a reason, and he'd agree with that!

We have five children together:  three girls and two boys.  They have given our marriage purpose, direction, and a path to holiness.....they never let you get away with anything!  Even on our worst days, and the kids are all out of sorts, we can still look at each one of them, and say with certainty, "Wow, we've got good kids."

So that's 'About Me'.  While there's a bunch more to say like, I wish I was a better cook, am still learning how to sew, and wish I didn't neglect the laundry so much......I CAN say, that I not only feel blessed with the life that God has handed me, I AM blessed. 


Popular Posts

Words Can Hurt

When we first started having children, like most people, we realized quickly how they often work as a mirror to our own actions. Letting a swear word slip here or there was not uncommon in our home, yet, when our first child was about 18 months or so, and hearing my swear word echo in the house for several days from her little lips, well, it was enough to curb my speech, dramatically.

And now, swear words are never spoken in front of the children, and we have adopted a few more words that are unacceptable in the house, even though common place in the world. Just another example at how, as parents, we truly are the domestic church. The world may be on the path of negativity, but the home is where we make the difference.

My four year old the other day, said, "I hate tomatoes!" Not the worst thing to hear from her mouth, granted, however, the word 'hate' bothers me a lot. 'Hate' is a very strong word, opposite of 'Love'. Think of how strong that word, …

Little Guys and Big Things

Sometimes, Veggie Tales stick with you. Even when an 8 year old seems too old for Veggie Tale stories, and reluctantly watches a few, the messages do stick. 

Over the weekend, my Knight was to serve Mass.  For the past few Sundays he has been serving, and we keep reminding him of the various ways to show reverence while doing his duties.....a bow to the tabernacle, folding of the hands and so forth.

Sunday, I happened to be watching Knight lather his gel in his hair to ready for Mass, and I once again, reminded him to keep his reverent ways about him while serving.  He made a distinct face at me, and said, "Ugh, Mom, those other server boys are bigger than me.  I don't want to do something they aren't doing."

"I understand, but you could set the example, because you know, what you are doing is the right thing."

He shook his head, looked at himself in the mirror, and seeing his own image reflected, said again, "I'm the youngest one there, Mom."…

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Nihon - Thank You Japan

First, I apologize.  It's almost been a week since my last post, and life certainly has a way to take me over. 

We have many commitments, many places where we have promised our time and energy, and when sickness sets in for me or anyone in our home, life pretty much stops....for little while anyway.

Thankfully, the illnesses are down to minor colds, and as of yesterday, I am off the meds to treat a sinus infection.  But that's not all.  It's re-enrollment time at school, and every March we face the same uncertain future in debate...Can we swing yet another year's worth of financial commitment to our Catholic school, for four children.

It's a stressful time, it's uncertain, and I have to say, that security is something I thrive on.  Any insecurity, and I tell you, life just isn't right.  With the children unaware of our finessing the budget, we work to keep that calm and peace that assures the children all will be well.  But for me, inside, my heart sinks to…