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"I have three precious things which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before others. Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men." — Lao-Tzu First lesson: Gentleness. I recently recognized a gift I have, and in my constant effort to accept myself, good and bad, I am learning just how to use and present this gift. However, I do see the need to use a kind of gentleness in order to offer this gift to someone else. We can't push our gifts onto others. We can't expect them to have what we have been given. We can't expect someone else to appreciate this gift either. Perhaps others wouldn't even see it as a gift at all! So I am on the phone with a fellow Mom. I see she needs a little of my gift. I hear her asking for it, multiple times. I sit there, and physically force myse

Small Successes Thursday

Time to count those little victories, love it when I can actually see before me, the good I have done for those I love. 1.)  School supplies:  bought and labeled. 2.)  School Uniforms:  bought, washed and ironed 3.)  Made homemade tomato sauce from garden tomatoes.  BEST STUFFED SHELLS EVER! In Progress: 4.)  Stealing a few last moments of Summer before the school year begins.  Have some to share?  Head over to Chocolate for Your Brain!

Best Random Moment of the Week

Carefree Knight:  Dad, if Mom died, what would you do to comfort us? Surprised and stumped Dad:  Well, hum, I guess I'd hug you kids all the time.

Loving and Accepting Gifts and Limitations

Great title, right?  We as mothers can be so tough on ourselves.  We feel as though we must have everything figured out, that we can do it all, handle everything, and still look and feel amazing as we do it. Reality just isn't this way.  We DO do a lot.  Pat yourself on the back for it!  And when we are faced with limitations, whether it be the amount of time in the day, or simply a gift we lack, we can then look at ourselves with a new appreciation - we are allowed to love our limitations.  Sounds strange right? Well, I am learning this great lesson, loving my own weaknesses, and limitations as the way to completely accept oneself.  I am currently reading a fantastic book, and so far I'd recommend it, however, I'll finish the book, before I mention the name of it, just in case I end up not enjoying as much as I think I will.  The first chapter:  accepting ourselves! It's tough to accept ourselves completely.  If I accept and love my own limitations or weaknesses,

She Pondered These Things

If you will recall.....this pass few weeks has involved some difficult decision making, and with those exact decisions, has brought with it new responsibilities.  And blogging suffers.  But life does go on.  Children still ask those priceless and intuitive questions to which I squint and try and answer as best I can.  Interesting conversations that have taught me a lesson or two have happened, and unfortunately, I can't seem to find time to type them out, think them through and digest.  And while that bothers my soul, as I like the time to absorb, I see a wisdom here and am gaining an appreciation for the privacy and intimacy that my new responsibilities are teaching me. I look back on these past few years of recalling the joyous, frustrating and sometimes hilarious situations I find myself in, and I find my family, I find my home, I find myself in a lot of ways.  I learn from each situation, using only what God has given me, in order to help move us along as a family unit.

Small Successes Sunday

Yes, it says Sunday.  But for whatever the reason, Thursday flies without notice, and I am left, Sunday midday, without counting those little victories.  And I see, sometimes, I need this kind of post.  I, especially, need this post when life is coming and going at warp speeds.  I hope to get back on track soon. 1.)  Made special family visits and chatted with my soul-sister.  Talking with someone who knows you through and through, and loves you just the same, is like a breath of fresh air to my weathered soul. 2.)  Hosted boys' playday.  It was long overdue and good to see who Knight is best buds with. 3.)  Created new trap for the coons who are nightly destroying my corn.  Mouse traps anyone? 4.)  Took whole family to children's museum and watched them create, play and build. In Progress: 5.)  Yes, again, it's laundry.  Enough said. Small Successes are usually hosted by Chocolate for Your Brain on Thursdays.....go over this week!

Be Unafraid

It's been a tough past seven days and blogging has been slow.  Amidst decision making, all else takes a back seat until a firm 'yeah' or 'nay' is decided upon and all else can move forward.  God's plan can be elusive for us.  It can be deciding between two 'goods' instead of a 'good' versus 'evil' scenario. And limbo can be a time for deep prayer, discernment and weighing out the possibilities.  Limbo can be a time to purify intentions, identify a goal and see if that ultimate goal is worth the struggle that this tough decision can bring. Alas, last night a final decision was made.  I clicked 'send' on my email, and literally looked above my computer screen as if to see a floating culminating image of this tough decision.  It was as if at that last second, I could stretch out my hand, and pull back my email floating just above my head, if necessary, and change my mind.  It was surreal. This morning, a great peace descended u

Where is God in Important Decisions

I am in the middle of an important decision making process,....again. Yep, I've made my pros and cons list.  I've listed my strengths and weaknesses.  I listed out what I could bring to this decision, good and bad.  I've analyzed it.  I've battled insecurities and fought through my own limits in order to make the right and prudent decision.  And still, I am at a cross roads.  And it isn't clear which path is the less traveled one.  It isn't clear which one makes the most sense.  It isn't clear to me.   And it usually is.  The lists are helpful, yes, yet distinctly vacant of one clear denominator:  God's plan. What is God's plan in this decision I must make?  Does He hope I will grow and change, in THIS direction or THAT direction?  The children, for me, are always my top priority.  Always.  That will never change.  However, I am seeing, the ages of the kids are shifting the scope and dynamics involved in raising and forming them.  Perhaps God