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Getting to the Truth

As time continues to move, so do chapters of our lives.  I can barely type the words, but I indeed have a college aged daughter who aspires to give to our world.  She has been inspired and strives to give hope and love to others through her chosen profession. While my pride in her is truly abundant, having achieved significant scholarship dollars, a place in the university’s honors program and a maturing nature, I find myself doubting the foundation beneath her.

Have we done enough? I imagine every parent asks this question prior to sending their child off into the world, tackling all the demands and expectations while remaining true to self, her family and her God. The few weeks prior to my daughter moving out, I found myself having disagreement after disagreement with my eldest. In my mind’s eye, I kept convincing myself, I am ready for her to go, I am ready, she is ready…all will be well. 

In reality, and quite honestly, it was my beloved who brought the truth to light.  He asked me bluntly, what on earth are you truly arguing about?  I finally had a heart to heart with my daughter…. To get to the source of why we just couldn’t get along, nor have a conversation without getting loud.
Seriously, when these moments arrive, it doesn’t matter when or where, you take them. Don’t watch it pass by, it might be the only moment one has to open one’s heart and listen to another's.  Have her heart opened enough to listen to mine.  The truth: we were going to miss each other terribly and the impending move in date at her university literally had us both anxious, on edge and unable to truly communicate. After we agreed this was truth, we both cried, held each other and reassured each other of all the means of communication in this day and age. How often we will still see each other and how easy a phone call really is!

The recognition of the truth of this moment ascended on us quickly and it just so happened to be in our garage, of all places.  And yes, my daughter will work to achieve her dreams, and yes, will learn a considerable amount along the way, however, I can honestly say…. My proudest moments come from another place…not a worldly one, not one based on money or achievement as these kids’ mother. The moments I seek and hope for are those where forgiveness and truth is found…through the mess, the confusion and through the pain.  This is the work of true relationships, I do believe it. And it’s often times a humble look at truth, admission to another and a resolve to a future hope. 

Dear Lord,
Surround her with your love and guidance, as she tackles the truths of our world and her place within it. May she stay close to you, Lord, finding the many ways you call her into adulthood and purpose.


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