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She Came in a Dream

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Mr. Carefree has been studying so diligently for an altar server quiz. I am not sure if I have ever seen him take on such a challenge and tackle each complicated item one by one. It's inspiring.  It's occupied so much of his time that he even is dreaming about it.

He told me of a dream he had, in which the Blessed Mother appeared to him, and my son got the chance to ask her questions.  He was so descriptive of her.   She wore a heart necklace.  She was dressed in all white. She stood where a golden sword was sticking out of ground.  I told him that morning, that perhaps she was rewarding his time and energy he had spent on his studying, or that she wanted to encourage him to keep it up, to be a Knight for Jesus.

I'll never forget how his eyes lit up hearing that perhaps the Blessed Mother had given him and only him a special gift.  After talking about his dream, I told him, "It's pretty special, you know."

He gave a huge smile, and then ran up to hug me, and he didn't let go right away.  We stood in the kitchen on a typical school morning just hugging each other, and when he finally let me go, we got breakfast underway.

I've thought about that morning often since he told me.  Could it be that Our Lady had given her blessing to my son to serve her Son?  I don't know.  Honestly, I can't say, who could say for sure?

But I will tell you one thing.  Whether or not that dream came from her or God or Carefree's guardian angel, or from his very own did for sure do one thing for Mr. Carefree and myself.

It reminded us both, that indeed Our Lady has given him, me and all of us a special gift: the gift of her Son, her 'yes'.   The gift of her motherhood.  The gift of her fidelity, perseverance and sacrifice.  No matter what, those are gifts.  Unworthy as we are, we are shown our true value through the eyes of God.  He wanted to save us.  And so He died for us.  He died for Carefree.  Blessed Mother knows that.  Carefree's mother knows that. 

And, should he pass or fail this test to be a Knight, it's no matter.  He'll try again.  He'll study harder.  He'll keep trying.  With the strength of Our Lady on his side, and the prayers of this earthly mother, there's no limits for Carefree.


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