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Yep, that's me. Grouch. I haven't posted anything of substance lately because I have not been in the disposition to write anything uplifting or motivating....and that's the stuff I usually like to concentrate on....

It's the end of the school year, and for some unknown reason, the school has decided to make the last few weeks a time of cramming in all they forgot to do in the last few months. I don't mean school work, it's those social activities that are being compounded at every turn, which regrettably cost $20 here or $60 there, or require baking for three grade levels....I am going nuts just to keep up. And my complaints around the house have us all in an Oscar the Grouch type mood.

Truth be told, perhaps it isn't the costs of these things that have me's the last minute-cram it in- no forewarning that I just don't appreciate. I'm a planner. If I can plan it out, all will be well, and prepared for. If you surprise me, I am out of sorts. I don't really like that attribute about myself, I wish I could roll with the punches like I see and admire in so many others. With a family of seven, coordinating schedules can be a bear, and I need the time to sort it all out, and fit in all the extras....not an excuse there, just laying it all out.

I always wanted to be that 'fly by the seat of her pants' kind of gal. And I think, I used to be that way....but that was before children came along, and the need for schedules and routine was huge. It was sanity.

So....I hope to get out of the grouchy funk I carved for myself soon, and be back to more inspiration, but I make no promises. There are five days of school left and a huge to-do list waiting for me on my kitchen counter....It's screaming at me. How is that. A piece of paper filled with ink can actually grow a mouth, and SCREAM at me from two rooms away.

Even HH has noticed, and mentioned in no uncertain terms..."Honey, you're just not yourself lately."

Yes, I know. Just call me Oscar. I'm a green, foul-mouthed, crazy haired, procrastinating little monster that lives in the garbage can.

Where, oh where, are the days of sipping Ice Tea on the back porch, watching the birds fly and being grateful for the tasks of a Stay At Home Mother? I beg of you, return! Return ye days of old!

I need a kick-starter.  Got a little inspiration for me? I'm all ears.


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And now, swear words are never spoken in front of the children, and we have adopted a few more words that are unacceptable in the house, even though common place in the world. Just another example at how, as parents, we truly are the domestic church. The world may be on the path of negativity, but the home is where we make the difference.

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