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New Stages of Big Purge - Sentimental Values

I never thought I'd blog so often on this Big Purge project, but alas, here I am again, doing more purging than I ever thought possible.

After the massive garage sale, our basement space has improved immensely, and HH decided to actually finish a REC room down there. I caught him measuring out the space, envisioning where to frame the room and dreaming of a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. After all his help in this purge, how could I resist dreaming with him for a bit.

Now these plans require a more aggressive approach to the purging. Things I was unsure of, I planned to keep, store down there. Well, if we are to actually finish a space, dry wall, paint, carpet and all, then I see, I am going to have to take more action on some of these remaining things.

Preparing for the sale was easy, or so now I think it was, as I was certain of most things that I needed to part with. Now, these things left over, I find myself changing my mind again and again...."I might need that one day, or those are for my girls when they are adults etc etc." These decisions are much more heart-wrenching for me.

Here we are, the next step in the purging process.....evaluating some of these things that have collected dust for so long, yet do hold a certain sentimental value, one which I'd love to share with my kids when they are old enough.

How do I purge without losing important memories, traditions and keepsakes? That's a question I am wringing my hands with, again and again.

I walked through my basement....what is left?

- Several tablecloths, napkin rings and candlesticks
- An old barn wood aquarium stand, made especially for HH by a dear friend.
- A collection of wooden dolls from around the world, a hobby I had as a child.
- Oriental dishes from my own parents and HH's grandmother
- College text books from my favorite literature courses
- Wooden rocker, the first one we bought, second hand for rocking my babies
- Framed pictures from HH's grandparents and mine
- Antique train set
And the list goes on.

Each item is filled with a memory, a plan for the future, a shared history of family life and so on. I am not sure how all this will go. We may end up storing these precious keepsakes as I can't see letting go of important items as these. They have a story to tell or a lesson to teach. One day, I can see myself talking to my children, and passing along the story of these items, as well as passing along the family history to them, painting for them an image of where they came from.

Will they picture me as a young mother rocking them as a newborn in that exact chair? Will Thinker want that chair for her first born?

Will they want to know stories about their grandparents and great-grandparents and we can give them a piece of who they were?

Will they wonder at the doll collection, try to guess which country each one came from?

Will they read some great Shakespeare and go through my old books to see my notes in the columns?

These are tougher questions to answer. I find myself in new to purge without being reckless.

I've given my concerns and worries over to HH and asked for his logic and reason to help balance my emotions. I guess I'll blog post when we have navigated these difficult waters.  Any suggestions would be so appreciated!


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