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Ssssssssalsa - Can't Miss

Okay, you asked for it, here you are....and Yes, with HH's blessing. 

Canning Salsa
16 lbs tomatoes (processed)

8 t. salt (can add to taste)

2 & 2/3 c. vinegar (can add to taste)

8 med. onions

7 t. oregano

32 jalapeno peppers (+6-8 chilis to make it hotter)

12 cloves of garlic

4t sugar (can add to taste)

3 18 oz tomato paste (can add if you need thicker)

Cut all into large chunks. (I advise using food processor, makes smaller chunks)

Cook to boiling for 5 - 10 min.
Place in jar (leaving 1/4 inch headspace) and seal.

Just a few added notes:

We always make a mild batch and a hot batch. Mild has less peppers. We test the thickness of the salsa before placing in jar. We test by dipping salsa onto tortilla chip, if it drips right off, it's too watery, and then we add more tomato paste to thicken it up. It shouldn't fall right off your chip!

What does that "tomatoes processed mean"?....Well it means you must blanch your tomatoes to get skin off. Then you cut them up, crush them through a cone sieve, (or this tomato mill on the right that we LOVE) removing all seeds, and what you have left is all the juice and tomato pulp. Have your juice/pulp ready before adding your chopped veggies and spices.

We have the empty jars and lids sitting in super hot water in the sink. The jars should be nice and toasty....I can tell if it's hot enough when it's too hot to put my hand in the water...then it's good.  Once ready to fill, empty all hot water and move quick. Upon filling with salsa, quickly add lid, wiping up any spills around edges and set aside. I know people use a waterbath (set filled jars into boiling water for 40-50 minutes), but we haven't done that for this salsa recipe. None of our salsa has ever gone bad and no one has ever gotten sick from it. All our jars always seal within 10-20 minutes of canning.

If you've got a little left over, not enough to fill a jar, simply refrigerate, and enjoy once cooled.

I'd advise eating this salsa within 1 year of canning, but I wonder if doing a water bath would prolong it's shelf life.  Keep canned goods in cool, dry and dark, if possible, place for storage....basement works great!

Enjoy, enjoy!


Excellent! Thanks for posting this!

So you don't process (waterbath or pressure canner?) at all? I should count the jars, but how many pints (or quarts) does this make?

Dumb question alert: are all of the "t"s in your recipe teaspoons (or tablespoons?).
Sahmatwork said…
For Salsa, we never have waterbathed them. It might be a no-no, but that hot water that the empty jars sit in, really makes the jars steaming hot, and the acidic nature of tomatoes will help in the good seal. However, we just canned crushed tomatoes as well, and I followed a recipe online, which added lemon juice to the tomatoes, and we DID do waterbath, to follow recipe.

I do think that the lemon juice and waterbath does help in maintaining good color and longer shelf life. But we eat our salsa up, as well as give as gifts.

For salsa, we had about 40 lbs of tomatoes, so we doubled (maybe even a bit more than doubled) this recipe to make about 32 quart sized jars.

Small t is teaspoon. Uppercase T is Tablespoon.

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