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Finding Your Own Self Worth

I witnessed something a bit disturbing last night, and I thought it worthy for comment this morning as I iron out the crux of the matter mentally and learn from the experience. Honestly, I do think that we are meant to pay attention to what goes on around us, that we might learn something new, apply a new outlook on life, tweek a thing or two, flip an attitude around etc etc.

And so to that end, I find myself watching people....listening more than talking....picking up the non-verbal....and ultimately seeing people for who they are, not who I want them to be. It's not easy to see reality in this way. It sets us up for disappointment more times than not, as we are all human, prone to make mistakes here or there. But again, a lesson learned by using this technique is infinitely valuable....that you must accept people for who they are, not who you THINK they are, or who you want them to be. Acceptance can be difficult, but in difficulties, we find virtue.

Back to last night. I witnessed adult peer pressure at a school fundraising event. A no-name purse was quickly discarded when a mention from a peer told a fellow mom, that the purse didn't look enough like a designer label. The fact that it was even mentioned bothers me, as it demonstrates not only attachment to material things, but to DESIGNER material things. 'What would others think if I walked around with a $40 purse and not a $4000 purse.' I kid you not.

The response of the fellow mom was even more upsetting. Not two seconds past, and the purse was flung off her arm back onto the retail table, knocking over other items presented for sale. In one fall swoop, she succumbed to peer pressure of looking a certain way. Yes, she can easily afford the designer labels. Money isn't the issue. The issue comes down to isn't she secure in who she is enough to be able to stick up for herself, her purchase, and her own taste in accessories. It seems all so JR High, I agree.
However, as we teach our own children how to battle peer pressure from their friends, we first must learn how to handle it as adults. Adults also pressure us to conform. Really, the issue is the same! Teenagers pressure each other so they legitimize their own actions. Same with adults. Moms pressure other moms so that their own actions are legit.
I don't know, perhaps I've had too many experiences with peer pressure, and as an adult, I simply don't care if someone likes my purse or doesn't like my purse. I don't care if they think I spent money on it or not. I admit some of the designer purses are cute, durable, and overall not a bad thing. But when it defines you, or who you are, there's a problem.

No material thing in this world defines us, we are daughters of God. Think of that. A princess of the Creator of all life. That's awesome to contemplate. That alone needs to give us our self-worth, not a designer label.

If you like it, and can afford it, wear what you like. Never allow someone else dictate your own personal style, your own personal opinion, your own person! Money will never define you. It's simply a means to live: a means to an end. If you tie up your own person into how much something costs, then your missing the big picture. The worth and value of a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister, or a daughter is infinite, because the soul's worth is infinite. Imagine God's view here.....a woman with infinite value to God has subjected herself to the limited worth of a Chanel or Louis Vuitton purse, worse yet, the limited worth that a fellow mom put on her.


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