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Peace Thieves

Ok, so I recently did a rant on Modern Day Vampires....and now I've got a new one:  Modern Day "Thieves".  I am not referring to the A-typical definition of a thief....someone who might take a material, personal possession without permission.

What I refer to, is that person(s) who manages to take a little bit of our peace away from us.  It's like a tiny sliver of your soul stolen away by some inconsideration, some neglect, or some active abuse of power.

I certainly can admit, that keeping peace in my own soul, is more my own responsibility rather than everyone else's, but there are those, who no matter what peace you bring to a situation, revel in chaos, disorder and division and try to steal that snipped of peace away, regardless of the joy and calm that once resided there.

These individuals love chaos.  They love conflict.  They rejoice at your discomfort, that squint your eyes made, that shift in your seat, your stuttering words spit out with no coherency.  They have sized you up, and you failed, simply because you bring a peace, and not smart responses. 

Admittedly, in the past, I have allowed Thieves to invade my personal soul, and disrupt my peace.  I have fought back.  I have walked away.  I have given snide remarks, negative responses or simply a glare that states every angry thought that flies in my mind.  And all those responses of negativity only steals more of my peace. 

That Thief got what they wanted....and because I didn't control my own impulses, they got even more than what they planned on.  They got reaction.  They got chaos.   They got division.  They got exactly what they were looking for, all because I caved.  I not only let them have my peace, I hand delivered it, on a silver platter, bending on one knee, as if to beg for acceptance and approval....simply because I let them in. 

I let them infect my soul with their chaos, so that only moments later, I  resent the whole interaction, as I denigrated myself in order to please them.

I have in the past, simply smiled in return to one of these Peace Thieves, as I had a feeling that a smile would send the message that they can not steal any part of me.  Even then, inside a piece of me had changed. 

Blogging has been scant this past week as I plow through the difficulties I have encountered with Peace Thieves.  I have spent time in prayer, asking God, the only true One who can restore my sense of peace in my soul, to mend where I have let thieves reek havoc.  I didn't control my reactions.  I let others raid inside me.  I allowed that.  I caved.  I gave in.  I wasn't strong in difficult moments.  I know, the responsibility is mine, I can open doors to my soul, windows, cracks in the foundation, I have that power.   It's a gift and a responsibility to preserve the soul, to keep the peace, to maintain the calm.  As Mother, as Wife, as Daughter of God, there is a dignity to my soul that I must work to keep cleansed.  The disruption I allow in my soul only transfers to those around me. 

The kids noticed my lack of peace.  My husband knew I wasn't the same.  Until I make a peace with those Thieves in my life, I won't have the tranqulity we all desperately need.  God bring the peace, and healing that I have taken for granted, abused and ultimately lost.  That sliver, Lord, however small, is a necessary piece to my overall harmony.


Leanne said…
I've known a few of "peace thieves" in my life, and they seem so very toxic to my soul. Buy you were right on when you said that you let them take over. I always tell myself that I cannot give energy to situations (individuals) that I can't help, or who are not able to accept help. I pray for them, and then realize that I must focus on myself and my family - and let them handle their own demons. I'll be thinking of you as you work through these situations, dear friend, and will send you "peace" in thought.
Sahmatwork said…
Thanks for your note, Leanne, I think I have seen, finally, how to recognize my own responsibility in these types of situations. I have to set limits, recognize the power I, at times give to others, and ultimately have better control of my impulses. It's been a tough week. I appreciate your words.
So true about peace thieves! Thank you for this excellent reflection.

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