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Loving and Accepting Gifts and Limitations

Great title, right?  We as mothers can be so tough on ourselves.  We feel as though we must have everything figured out, that we can do it all, handle everything, and still look and feel amazing as we do it.

Reality just isn't this way.  We DO do a lot.  Pat yourself on the back for it!  And when we are faced with limitations, whether it be the amount of time in the day, or simply a gift we lack, we can then look at ourselves with a new appreciation - we are allowed to love our limitations.  Sounds strange right?

Well, I am learning this great lesson, loving my own weaknesses, and limitations as the way to completely accept oneself.  I am currently reading a fantastic book, and so far I'd recommend it, however, I'll finish the book, before I mention the name of it, just in case I end up not enjoying as much as I think I will.  The first chapter:  accepting ourselves!

It's tough to accept ourselves completely.  If I accept and love my own limitations or weaknesses, does that mean I refuse to be better, or work on my own progress?  If I accept and love my strengths, does that mean I am an ego-maniac who is above everyone else?    No.....and....No.  Here is where true humility comes in.  True humility will see reality for what it is, the good and the bad and accept them both as both are from God, in order for us to see His plan more clearly.

True humility is what I strive for, and am searching out.  I have strengths, I see that.  God has not only given me gifts from birth, but blessed me also along the way.  I have weaknesses, I see that too.  It's tougher to accept our weaknesses and love them the same as our strengths.  These weaknesses get in the way, they cause havoc in my plans, they can hurt others, they can do damage.  How to love things that make us weaker?

Learning to love things that have this power in our lives gives us something priceless, unimaginable, unique and so rare, so few people have it.  It's call self-acceptance.  People who accept and love themselves, weaknesses and all, are the people you see, who have a peace and joy about themselves, they are free from so many shackles that we put on ourselves, or allow others to put on us.

How many times have you/I gotten upset over something or someone else, that later, we could track back to our own jealousy or insecurity about ourselves?  We can let things get the better of us, or get angry about things only if we aren't secure in our own lives or have an acceptance for ourselves, who we are, good and bad all together. 

When things irritate me out of balance, it's because there is something about myself that I don't like and won't accept.  If I accept myself, completely, the number of things that will bother me will decrease more and more, there will be fewer things that I would fear, there would be more focus on the present and less on the past or future.

I had considered briefly a blogging break to committ myself to a number of new things on the horizon.  After careful thought, and evaluation of the purpose of this blog, I have decided to continue on posting here and there, as the need arises.  I say that, because I don't always have that need.  This blog has always been, and I hope always will be, a theraputic outlet for myself.  I have never written a post for a particular blog reader, and what might help them.  I write what I write, as I learn a lesson here or there, or want to commemorate a special moment for my children to read one day. 

Knowing this, that I write for me and my children, I include a disclaimer.  You might not always like what you read here.  You may not always agree with me.  And that's okay.  You don't have to.  But if you keep coming back for more, if you are interested to hear my reality, my journey and my road to that personal freedom that comes with self-acceptance, then there is something worth your time here.  I do write for me, but if it should help anyone else along the way, then it's why I make this blog public, and not just write my posts in a Word doc to keep safe and alone on my desktop. 
We all have gifts.  We all have shortcomings.  I am learning to not only accept mine, but to love them.  They might get hashed out here, they might not.  But I can promise this, I will give my best and leave the rest for God to manage. 


Leanne said…
I applaud you for recognizing ALL parts of you. I strive for authenticity in my own life, daily. That has (especially in recent months) required an absense on my blog front. And I think that's absolutely fine. Follow your heart, do what feels right, and there will be no question that you are being the best YOU that you can be. Thinking of you.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post! Actually very helpful for me today. Struggling to feel that I am doing what I can to be a Good Stay at Home Mom. Also, I respect your privacy, but your recent post had me guessing if you are begining to homeschool. If you are best of luck to you! God Bless!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your blog posts... I am a follower who doesn't comment very often but reads faithfully. Most of what you write is so inspiring because you have a special way of putting your reflections into words that really captures ones that the rest of us can relate to (at least that is how I feel). And like you said, I sometimes disagree with things you write too, and that's ok! It's not a conversation, really, it's your forum, and we all respect that! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your musings. And with the last anonymous poster, I think you've left more than a few of us dying of curiosity over what was such a huge decision that changed your life so dramatically...but we respect you so it's ok if we never know! But God bless you as you undertake this new endeavor!

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