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Doors, Trim and Carpet....Oh MY!

As the last bits of our basement playroom project get finished up, I couldn't help but to dance around the room barefoot for a while, sing a happy tune, and hug HH for such an accomplishment.  What a project....a full year from start to finish.

Remember clearing out that basement? All the purging?

Remember our massive garage sale?

Can you recall the painting, and re-painting?

And now, we have doors and trim and just the other day, carpet.  It's turning into quite a nice big playroom for the children, and I've never been so excited to organize the games, the toys and finally have a home for all their play things.

With such a massive undertaking, with such a large room, we took our time ....a full year that is, to properly save the money necessary to make this room look like one more part of our home, instead of some room we added on.  We tried not to cut corners.  We made every effort to match our doors to the rest of the house.  We painted in a neutral color to allow a variety of decor, or plans for a future home owner. 

After introducing the children to the new carpet down there, they ran and played, chased each other around the room, played hide and seek in the closets, and then I called them over.  I explained just how many people had a hand in the making of this room....from friends and family, to strangers and distant prayers, so many helped this project along...all for these children.  We named them all, and said a prayer of thanksgiving for these individuals who all had a significant part in this process. 

We pray only good will happen in this basement, we prayed for wholesome fun, for a place to gather, to play and enjoy each other as a family.  I ask God to bless this room, allow this extra space and place to play together bring us closer as a family, more united in our mission, bonded by the relaxation that we can find in our basement playroom.


Leanne said…
Awe . . . how wonderful!!!! The room looks absolutely lovely. What a fine job HH did - BRAVO! Enjoy every second spent in there. I am certain it will be time filled with much love and happiness.

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